Melt made the Thrillist’s 21 Best Sandwich Shops in America!

by Melt

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Melt made the Thrillist’s 21 Best Sandwich Shops in America! The article features our fan favorite, the Parmageddon…

THE PERFECT SANDWICH is hard to find. But when you do find it, you have to pay homage. From superior ingredients to the freshest-baked bread and sauces that make you say, “Dammit, I kind of want to drink that!”, the ideal sammie has to strike a delicate balance, and the people who make them have hit upon something way more important than just a portable meal.

So, without further ado, here are the 21 best sandwich shops in America. Prepare to get hungry…

….WHAT YOU’RE GETTING: The Parmageddon
Cleveland’s got its fair share of interesting people, but not all of them open tattoo-friendly, punk-rock-playing alternative grilled cheese joints, like Matt Fish did when he first founded Melt Bar & Grilled in 2006. Offering patrons who get a Melt tattoo 25% off for life is only the second of his selling points — the first is grilling up insane grilled cheese sandwiches that keep Ohioans coming back time and time again. The Parmageddon, for example, rocks potato & onion pierogi, sauerkraut, sharp cheddar, and sauteed onions and is every bit as face-melting as its name would suggest.


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