Dream Sandwiches

Every month we sit around and get crazy ideas for the next Melt special. It’s a whole lot of fun. Mixed up ingredients, inspired by various themes, cuisines, or ethinic food. Sometimes just the stuff that we get a craving for in the middle of the night. So now, we want to know…

What’s your dream sandwich?

Don’t forget to give it a name. Here’s a few ideas from fans to get you started…. Make up your own ingredients, or combine ingredients from our list of Add-Ons…


Neopolitan Sandwich
Throw some roast beef and sliced ham together with some swiss cheese on a hoagie roll. Simple. Delish. Put whatever toppings you want on it or serve it with a dipping sauce if you like.–Trent

Chili Cheese
Chili Cheese Fries in a grilled cheese! with onions!–Samantha Diaz

The Anvil
Barbecue Bacon Meatloaf (ingredients: beef, bread crumbs, cheddar, egg, seasoning, onion, garlic, wrapped in bacon, topped with bbq sauce), Cheddar cheese,
fried onion straws, mustard based coleslaw–Dave

Cheese Cracker and Onion
turkey patty,  
jalapeno, peppadew and havarti cheese, 
roasted pablano and jalapeno peppers, 
sweet and spicy jalapeno “jelly,” 
garlic peppercorn mayo– Davey Cakes

The Dirty Dawg
Grilled cheese topped with the following:
 Sliced hotdog, 
, Cole Slaw, 
, Few Fritos for topping.–Delaney

Okay, so you might think this sounds a little odd but, here goes….
Nacho cheese doritos
, Ham, 
Cream Cheese,  
maybe beer battered with the cream cheese as a dip. It doesn’t sound good but, it honestly is—Shannon H

The Broccoli Buddy
Roasted broccoli,
 Grilled Onions
, Sharp Cheddar Bread–Jill S

The Loafer
Texas Toast
, American and Cheddar Cheese
, Meatloaf Slice, 
Garlic Mashed Potato Spread, 
Grilled Onions–TKG

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