Dream Sandwiches

Every month we sit around and get crazy ideas for the next Melt special. It’s a whole lot of fun. Mixed up ingredients, inspired by various themes, cuisines, or ethinic food. Sometimes just the stuff that we get a craving for in the middle of the night. So now, we want to know…

What’s your dream sandwich?

Don’t forget to give it a name. Here’s a few ideas from fans to get you started…. Make up your own ingredients, or combine ingredients from our list of Add-Ons…


Neopolitan Sandwich
Throw some roast beef and sliced ham together with some swiss cheese on a hoagie roll. Simple. Delish. Put whatever toppings you want on it or serve it with a dipping sauce if you like.–Trent

Chili Cheese
Chili Cheese Fries in a grilled cheese! with onions!–Samantha Diaz

The Anvil
Barbecue Bacon Meatloaf (ingredients: beef, bread crumbs, cheddar, egg, seasoning, onion, garlic, wrapped in bacon, topped with bbq sauce), Cheddar cheese,
fried onion straws, mustard based coleslaw–Dave

Cheese Cracker and Onion
turkey patty,  
jalapeno, peppadew and havarti cheese, 
roasted pablano and jalapeno peppers, 
sweet and spicy jalapeno “jelly,” 
garlic peppercorn mayo– Davey Cakes

The Dirty Dawg
Grilled cheese topped with the following:
 Sliced hotdog, 
, Cole Slaw, 
, Few Fritos for topping.–Delaney

Okay, so you might think this sounds a little odd but, here goes….
Nacho cheese doritos
, Ham, 
Cream Cheese,  
maybe beer battered with the cream cheese as a dip. It doesn’t sound good but, it honestly is—Shannon H

The Broccoli Buddy
Roasted broccoli,
 Grilled Onions
, Sharp Cheddar Bread–Jill S

The Loafer
Texas Toast
, American and Cheddar Cheese
, Meatloaf Slice, 
Garlic Mashed Potato Spread, 
Grilled Onions–TKG


  1. Greg Kennedy
    04 June 11, 1:07pm

    Make one with baked brie, and call it the Florida Foo-Foo. Grilled brie sandwiches are very tasty down here.

  2. 06 June 11, 3:31pm

    My dad invented this sandwich: grainy mustard, Jarslburg cheese, and lots of pickled cucumbers and onions on Italian bread.

  3. Kelly
    07 June 11, 2:48am

    The Monte Cristo

    Turkey, ham, havarti, American cheese, on egg battered bread. Cooked until golden and sprinkled with powdered sugar. Serve with a side of mixed berry preserves.

    • Brendan
      03 November 11, 6:07pm

      That one is on the menu. It’s already freakin’ amazing!!

  4. Peter
    07 June 11, 4:38am

    The Cure
    (curing hunger one munch at a time)

    With melted American, sharp cheddar and pepper jack cheeses
    Add All of the meats in the menu, Perogies, slaw and another layer of cheese
    Thenrepeat again with a second layer

    Good bye melt challenge hello The Cure challenge 😉 can’t wait to try Melt!!

  5. John
    18 June 11, 11:43pm

    The Manliest Sandwich Ever
    A flame-broiled ribeye steak, gorgonzola cheese sauce (has sour cream in it), grilled onions, and pepper jack cheese.

    It will be sure to rock his Father’s Day.

  6. Acadia
    20 June 11, 9:30pm

    Bacon…my favorite vegetable.

    Jalepeno peppers stuffed with herbed cream cheese and wrapped with BACON.

  7. Dan
    29 June 11, 1:39pm

    The Danwich:

    Grilled Chicken, fresh avocado, bacon, sun-dried tomato pesto, roasted red peppers, smoked gouda,

    • Amanda
      21 June 12, 8:06pm

      that sounds amazing!

      • Graham
        17 October 12, 11:54am

        This. Yes.

        Yes. Maybe another cheese though…

  8. Z-Dog
    02 July 11, 2:50am

    The Devil’s Grilled Cheese:

    Give your tastebuds a workout with pepper-jack and smoked gouda cheeses, spicy chorizo sausage, habanero dipping sauce, and the trending Scorpion Strike BBQ Sauce, made from the Trinidad Scorpion Butch T pepper, the hottest pepper on the planet, weighing in at a scalding 1.5 million Scoville units. Adam Richman, if you are tough enough to come back and try this combination if and when this grilled cheese comes into existence, I will be there eating it side-by-side with you!

    • Steve O
      12 July 11, 8:38pm

      That sounds awesome.. love the name as well!

  9. Anthony
    03 July 11, 4:46pm

    The three little pigs:

    Bacon, pepperoni, honey ham, American and cheddar cheeses with dried oregano

  10. Logan
    04 July 11, 6:00am

    The Steak Wake

    american,Sharp chedder, pepperjack, provolone, and swiss cheeses. Then the grilled steak with bacon and the two fried eggs. Put it all on the garlic bread with some chipolte sauce. Make it real nice and gooey.

    • Britni
      30 April 12, 3:31am

      I like the idea of steak wake. But with bbq sauce.

  11. Dave N
    07 July 11, 2:08am

    I have two.

    “The Alps” Grilled rye and Swiss with prosciutto or pancetta.

    “The gut punch” Grilled sourdough with co-jack or a cheddar-mozz blend, bacon dipped in BBQ sauce, and onion rings.

  12. Lauren
    12 July 11, 1:26pm

    South of the Border or Illegal Immigrant

    Sharp Cheddar, Tomato, Onions, Jalapeno Peppers, Fresh Avacado, Chorizo Sausage, Fresh Salsa, Creamy Chipotle Dressing

    Instead of fries and cole slaw, serve with guac and chips.

    • Brendan
      03 November 11, 6:21pm

      That sounds Muy Bueno!

  13. Rachael
    12 July 11, 2:48pm

    ^^^^That. Is. Genius. Melt must make this a sandwich.

  14. Christina F
    14 July 11, 4:27pm

    The Pittsburgh Airport—Mozzarella Cheese, turkey, bacon, tomato and bleu cheese dressing

    • Scott
      25 June 12, 8:18pm

      And you can eat it like a Pittsburghian- no teeth allowed.

  15. Tim
    16 July 11, 6:58pm

    Best for a starter:

    White or Italian bread. Double mozzarella. Batter it, deep fry it, slice it into strips. Its like a grilled cheese had a baby with a cheese stick

  16. Stephanie
    16 July 11, 8:15pm

    The Moo Melt

    Roast beef, horse radish sauce,mayo,green peppers, onions,mushroom,swiss and provolone cheese

    Served with cole slaw and fries

  17. Jenn
    20 July 11, 8:27pm

    twelve grain bread, goat cheese, jalapeno jack and mild cheddar

    serve with dried cranberries in it or cranberry sauce on the side..it’s soo good!!

  18. Jenn
    20 July 11, 8:32pm

    ^^ for the above call it..the cheesy canadian dream.
    white for the cheese and red for the cranberries! haha
    (clearly im canadian!)

  19. Jaime Mars
    23 July 11, 2:06am

    “It’s So Gooda Gouda”
    With Gouda, Sun-dried Tomatoes, Spinach,and Roasted Garlic w/ choice of Garlic Portabellas, Grilled Chicken, or Grilled Steak.
    This is great for the Vegetarian, the health nut or the meat eater!

  20. The Dough-boy
    23 July 11, 2:25pm

    the bread is pizza, then between that is american cheese, perogies, ham, turkey, and honey mustard

    • TJ
      18 January 12, 6:04pm

      THATS a SANDMICH right there!!!!!!! SOOO GOOOD!!!!! :3

  21. Charles
    29 July 11, 7:57pm

    In the south we use Texas Toast for making grilled cheese sandwiches. It’s bigger and holds up very well. Good Luck!

  22. Tara
    02 August 11, 7:47pm

    Goat cheese, lettuce, tomatos, avocados, and mixed berry preserves! Its supper simple, but so good!

  23. Meghann
    03 August 11, 3:40am

    >>> B.L.Tease.

    Bacon. Lettuce. Tomato. Jarlsberg. Sauteed Portobellos. Caramelized Red Onions. Aioli dipping sauce (on the side).

  24. Meghann
    03 August 11, 3:49am

    my 2nd favorite…

    >>> FiesTADA!

    Ground Beef. Cheddar Cheese. Taco Sauce. Ole’

  25. Marlon Blue
    03 August 11, 5:15am

    The BiG BLUE

    Burger Topped with a herb aioli , Applewood Bacon, Mushrooms and Blue Cheese crumbles and serve it on a Foccocia Bun…

  26. Tom
    03 August 11, 2:53pm

    Little Piggie:

    BBQ pulled pork, sharp cheddar cheese & Havarti, fried vidalia onions, sauteed red bell peppers, bread & butter pickles…summer time favorite

    • 28 January 12, 3:44pm

      Sounds fantastic

  27. Michelle
    03 August 11, 8:22pm

    Make something with LOBSTER!!!!! 😉

  28. Robert M.
    04 August 11, 12:04am

    The Amish Trail Blazer:

    Smoked Troyer Trail Bologna seasoned with pepper, spices, and grilled to perfection, along with melt-in-your-mouth and melt on the sandwich Guggisberg Baby Swiss Cheese, with a spiced mustard spread, and grilled on hearty Amish made bread. A nice taste from the country farm to the grill to the plate to the mouth.

  29. Ben
    07 August 11, 3:45pm

    The Natty Melt:
    Smoked Turkey, smoked Gouda, bacon, sliced tomato on sourdough with creamy chipotle dressing.

  30. Chad
    16 August 11, 1:26am

    What about around Halloween time…… roasted chicken, havarti cheese, red wine poached pears, autumn greens, cinammon aioli inside spicy pumpkin bread!

    Bloody Mary?
    Pumpkin Carver?

    • Kathie
      23 October 11, 3:20pm

      Would totally ge this with a pumpkin ale!!

  31. Chadface
    18 August 11, 3:41pm

    The Mushroom Cloud

    Portabella Mushrooms, Tomatoes, Spinach, Balsamic Vinegar, Havarti Cheese and Feta Cheese, Sea Salt and a little Sugar, on Sourdough.

    Pair with one of my favorite Kubrick films- Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb.

  32. Tyler P
    18 August 11, 6:51pm

    “Murray Hill Beef”

    Cleveland take on the classic Chicago Italian beef. Roast beef, provolone, spicy giardiniera and sauteed sweet peppers. Then the entire sandwich is dipped in the beef broth.

  33. Karli
    18 August 11, 9:51pm

    The Caprese Melt:

    Yellow, Green, and Red Tomatoes
    Balsamic and Olive Oil


  34. Aimee
    20 August 11, 4:53pm

    Grilled turkey breast, sundried tomato spread, jalapeno cream cheese, topped with lettuce, cucumber, and red onion.

  35. Grant
    22 August 11, 3:28pm

    The Tony Montana Cristo Melt, or the Miami Melt or the Top of the World Melt

    -A Classic Cuban with Sliced Roasted Pork, Ham, Gruyere, and Pickles (maybe fry these?), Battered and Fried Monte Cristo style, and “Libre’-lly dusted with powdered sugar. sides of a spicy whole grain mustard or Stadium mustard (gotta give it a Cleveland spin!) and a Key Lime-type preserves for dipping. Or a Mojo-style dipping sauce to keep it Cuban.

  36. Mike A
    27 August 11, 1:00pm

    The First Grader

    Brie and Blueberry Jam; it’s so simple, but so good.

    The best way to serve this is as an appetizer on a lightly grilled baguette (or mini baguette); slice it in 1.5 inch pieces and serve with a toothpick in each slice.

    It’s also great if you replace the Blueberry Jam with Fig Preserves or Cranberry Sauce.

  37. Cee Foo Diat
    01 September 11, 1:34am

    The Tsar


    Good Rye Bread
    Any white bread (sacrificial)
    Corned Beef
    Russian Dressing
    Cole Slaw, cold (Not too wet or sweet. Preferred embodiment includes subtle amounts of horseradish and crushed pineapple)
    Good Melting Swiss Cheese (substitute provolone for a Potemkin Sandwich)

    Execution: Butter one slice each of rye and pumpernickel breads. Assemble (bottom to top) rye, cheese, corned beef, cheese, pumpernickel. Grill on both sides.

    Separately: Toast another slice of rye bread and slice of white bread. Apply meager portion of butter on one side of rye toast, Russian dressing on other side.

    Assemble: Put grilled corned beef/cheese rye side down. Spread cole slaw on top (pumpernickel side). Put on other toasted slice of rye bread with Russian dressing side down. Carefully invert on hot grill for 15 seconds to heat the top slice of rye, but not so long to steam the cole slaw. Invert sandwich again onto white toast on serving plate. (Sacrificial white toast keeps bottom of sandwich from getting soggy from steam condensing on plate)

    Slice and run to table. Serve with an IPA, and a radish (trust me).

  38. Kimberly
    05 September 11, 1:29am

    The Lunchbox SPECIAL

    Thick grilled white bread
    Sharp Cheddar Cheese
    Thick slice of fried bologna
    Grilled onions
    Served with a side of slaw and
    Sun dried tomato or mustard aioli dipping sauce

    I will be the first in line for this one!

  39. Robert M.
    06 September 11, 9:36pm

    Das Wurst der Meister (Sausage Sandwich of Champions):

    Bratwurst, muenster, swiss, napa vodka kraut, grilled onions, honey mustard on sourdough.

  40. Luis Cardona
    08 September 11, 4:42pm

    A Cuban sandwhich, hands down MATT!! Make this sandwhich of the month during Hispanic Heritage month!! Matt, you know you gotta try this some time, give it a twist.

  41. Lauren
    14 September 11, 5:08pm

    Bison Melt!
    Any sandwich is instantly awesome when bison is added to the mix.

  42. Robert M.
    16 September 11, 9:32pm

    The Lydia (A name of a sandwich I had today from my work’s cafeteria):

    Provolone, banana peppers, tomatoes, salami and pepperoni all on a nice pretzel bun. Well, the Lydia didn’t have the salami or pepperoni on it, but I love it better if it did have some meat on it. All in all, this should be one great sandwich!

  43. Stash
    17 September 11, 11:40pm

    The Quebecer/Quebecois Dip

    Think French Dip + Poutine. Roast beef, cheese curds (lots of), baguette dipped in poutine gravy (like a wet french dip), then grilled. Double extra gravy on the side, so you can dip your sandwich and your fries!

    • Stash
      17 September 11, 11:44pm

      I might even add this to my rotation (ws monte cristo, gyro melt, the dude abides) if you made it!

      Really, thought, I just think Melt should be the place that brings poutine to Cleveland.

  44. Matt
    18 September 11, 3:14am

    With all the awesome Cleveland-style ethnic food already on the menu (parmageddon, muni stadium magic, etc.) I think a sandwich themed with stuffed cabbage or stuffed peppers could be awesome. Throwing extra carbs in the form of rice onto a sandwich sounds right up Melt’s alley.

    Do it.

  45. Adara
    20 September 11, 5:12pm

    The Nutty Monkey

    For the sweet tooth!

    Cinnamon swirl bread topped with generous smears of nutella, peanut butter, sliced or smashed banana and honey walnut cream cheese, melted into a gooey-licious mess! Mmmmm. Serve with a tall glass of cold milk.

    • Brendan
      03 November 11, 6:28pm

      You are a diabolical genius! that sounds sooo good.

  46. jayne
    26 September 11, 4:26pm

    turkey, pastrami, russian dressing, carmelized onion, and munster cheese

  47. Andrew B
    01 October 11, 12:44am

    Has anyone ever proposed a shepherd’s pie sandwich? Layer it the same way and serve it as a knife and fork sandwich.

    • Melonee
      27 October 11, 11:35pm

      great idea! that was my favorite meal with my grandma

  48. Cody
    04 October 11, 12:40pm

    The Triple Bypass

    A Double Decker grilled cheese sandwich, one layer topped with mozzarella sticks and marinara sauce and the other layer is topped with with chili cheese fries.

  49. Candace
    08 October 11, 4:44am


    my favorite sandwichs that i make are grilled cheese french toasts and i would love if the melt started making them, because i live right by the new one!! (:

  50. Brittany
    09 October 11, 4:45pm

    Chipotle Chicken Charmer

    Grilled chicken; bacon; American and pepper jack cheese; grilled peppers, onions and garlic; jalepenos;sun-dried tomatoes; lettuce; spinach; lots of honey chipotle sauce on it and either the creamy chipotle dressing or sun-dried tomato pesto for dipping. yummmmmmm :)

  51. Jason
    14 October 11, 4:12pm

    Pastrami, corned beef, vodka kraut, slaw, french fries,provolone,and russian dressing. Burger: burger, pastrami,kraut, provolone.

  52. Katie
    15 October 11, 4:28am

    The sweet and smokey!
    Smoked cheddar and smoked gouda with apples and carmelized onions!! It’s delicious!

  53. Jonathan
    20 October 11, 1:55pm


    Bacon (smart), crumbled sausage, sliced steak, cheddar, provolone, pepper jack, grilled onions, grilled jalapenos, 2 fried eggs, and fresh avocado served with fresh salsa

  54. 25 October 11, 3:57pm

    “Germans in Mexico”, for the Electric Six song of the same name—

    Toasted dark pumpernickel rye bread, smeared with german pub cheddar spread on one side, guacamole on the other. Queso fresco crumbles under swiss cheese melted under a broiler. Topped generously with chopped onion/jalapeño/cilantro.

  55. Michelle
    25 October 11, 7:35pm

    Any one of the sandwhiches with GLUTEN FREE bread!!!!! please and thank you! :)

  56. amandaryan
    25 October 11, 8:12pm

    *Queen City Bad Girl*
    -thick toasted white bread
    -gliers HOT goetta
    -goat cheese
    -raspberry jam
    -maple syrup

  57. Mae
    27 October 11, 8:07pm

    The Luau

    Pulled pork, pineapple, bacon, mozarella, monterey jack cheese, green onions, with sweet and sour sauce, with light siracha sauce.

  58. Melonee
    27 October 11, 11:33pm

    I love turkey! I think you should make a sandwich with turkey, grilled cucumber aioli, and a cranberry cream cheese…amazing! :)

  59. Rachel
    28 October 11, 8:05pm

    pumpkin cheesecake(from the stand at the westsidde market) perogies browned in olive oil & butter, add on brie, bacon & your yummy carmalized onions-call it the Fitz

  60. WedgeBob
    29 October 11, 2:43pm

    Taste of Ukraine

    Now I know that the Parmageddon has Polish Village covered, but what about Ukrainian Village? That’s where a little Chicken Kiev meets grilled cheese comes into play. Here’s my take on the other big neighborhood (and better one, might I add) of Parma.

    grilled chicken OR kolbasa, napa vodka kraut, grilled onions, roasted garlic, havarti, muenster, russian dressing

  61. Nick U
    03 November 11, 4:01pm

    The Slovak- Pork Tenderloin browned in bacon fat, then slow-roasted to perfection; topped with haluski kapusta, bacon, swiss and apple sauce for dipping. Absolutely amazing.

  62. Brendan
    03 November 11, 6:33pm

    The HamDog: (I know it’s a rip off but it sounds great and I’m not getting to Georgia anytime soon.)

    This beast is a hot dog wrapped in a beef patty. Deep fried, covered with chili, cheese and onions, and served on a hoagie bun topped with a fried egg and two fistfuls of fries.

  63. William Mabel
    04 November 11, 10:32pm

    make a french toast sandwich cause day old bread is the best for making french toast so if you make it in to like a fajita and pack it with cream cheese I know that’s a little weird to have a fajita with out sour cream try it with cream cheese but anyways pack it with cream cheese diced tomato’s saute peppers and onions in ether olive oil or vegetable oil then add jalapenos.

  64. 05 November 11, 5:19pm

    The Mandwich

    Sloppy Joes, Steak, Bacon, Four cheese (cheddar, pepperjack, gouda, nacho cheese sauce) Fries, Coleslaw, caramelized onions. BOOM!

  65. Pete W
    19 November 11, 5:44pm

    The Asian Rueben:

    Char-siu BBQ Pork and/or Roasted duck breast –
    Crab Rangoon filling (Cream Cheese, Chives, crab)
    Kim Chee
    Fried Wanton strips for some crunch

  66. C.K.
    19 November 11, 8:42pm

    Make something with tater tots

  67. Keith
    27 November 11, 4:55am

    Name: As American as….

    American Cheese
    Apple Slices
    Crunchy Brown Sugar & Vanilla or Toffee
    Caramel dipping sauce

    • RLuckster
      03 December 11, 11:24pm

      @Keith –
      This one sounds good, but make it with a sharp yellow cheddar & grill the apple slices before assembly. mmmm…

      The Mushroom Cloud, above, also sounds heavenly…

  68. Sue G
    02 December 11, 11:21pm

    Blue cheese, roasted red peppers, sun dried tomatoes, sweet slaw, roasted veggies, steak, lettuce, tomatoes and homemade blue cheese sauce on the side for dipping. Wow! Love it. Want it!

    NAME : The blue heffer.

  69. Shawn
    03 December 11, 5:40pm

    How about gluten free sandwiches? Using Udi’s would be a great choice, since it grills up nicely.

  70. Julie
    05 December 11, 5:22pm

    The Fabulous Fried Food Frenzy!
    3 crispy chicken strips
    3 mozzarella sticks
    2 fried raviolis or fried perogi (both would be delicious)
    crispy onion straws
    stuck between 2 layers of melty cheddar and good and toasted
    *don’t forget to beer batter and deep fry it!

  71. Mike
    13 December 11, 3:22pm

    ELVIS’ Peanut Butter and Banana
    fresh made peanut butter, sweet cream cheese, Bacon, deep fried, had it last night, awesome

  72. John Reitz
    15 December 11, 6:15am

    Homemade turkey giblet dressing – provolone – cranberry jelly/relish on grilled sourdough or italian – add on turkey or bacon?
    Call it the Overstufft, the Napper, or combine – Overstufft Napper!

  73. Deanna
    17 December 11, 2:40am

    Chicken Club Melt
    Fried Or Grilled Chicken Breast with Bacon, Tomato, Pepper Jack Cheese, Lettuce and Ranch for Dipping! So good!!

  74. Lauren
    18 December 11, 5:44pm

    Avocado, bacon, grilled onions, with swiss and cheddar cheese. California Cruiser? I’m not good with names, I only know what tastes good.

  75. Jen
    19 December 11, 5:28pm

    The Southern Delight
    Chicken, bacon, fried green tomato, pimento cheese.

  76. fat bob from erie
    21 December 11, 2:18am

    the new york triple decker! grilled rye, top layer pastrami,cole slaw,thousand island dressing and meunster cheese. bottom layer, corned beef sauerkraut, brown mustard, and swiss cheese! a real taste of new york!

  77. Adam
    21 December 11, 10:15pm

    I am pretty sure that many of these turfs and add-ons don’t exist in your repertoire but they should.


    Pulled pork in a mustard/vinegar base barbeque sauce
    Fried pickles
    Pimento cheese
    Cabbage slaw

    It will make your pie hole pucker!

  78. Alicia Wyatt
    03 January 12, 3:18pm

    My dream sandwich at Melt would not be for me but for my 2 year old. Just a grilled cheese on thinner slices of bread (he can’t fit your regular in his mouth) put on the plate cut up like an air plane…I’ll even show you guys how if you don’t know how. It would give me more time to chow down on all your awesomeness.

  79. Danielle M
    06 January 12, 2:10pm

    When I was young, my dad used to make Peanut Butter and Cheese Sandwiches on Amoroso Italian Bread.
    Here’s the kicker, it ONLY tastes amazing if you use New Yorker brand white American Cheese. Which, alas, you cannot get out here! :'(***

  80. PjCarey
    10 January 12, 4:55am

    The Flip
    Italian roast beef, sauteed peppers and onions, Horseradish mayo, Provolone cheese. Served with au jus.


    Ham I Am
    Honey ham, carmelized onions, grilled pineapple slice, baby brie.

  81. Barb
    10 January 12, 5:50pm

    Would love to see a melt with chicken and fried greens!!

  82. Frenchy
    11 January 12, 4:00pm

    PB&J with ricotta cheese and applebutter

  83. Katie
    14 January 12, 9:05pm

    Ooooh Mommy Umami
    -This one is relatively simple, but the flavor is intense enough to warrant simplicity.

    Start with a generous smear of pesto. Add feta cheese with tomato (sun-dried for more intense flavor or fresh for more juiciness,) and just enough roasted garlic for good flavor, but not to overpower. (You can stop here for vegetarian.)

    Have about half of the meat be smoked turkey, and top it off with salami for a nice umami finish.

  84. Alyssa
    21 January 12, 11:39pm

    The Plain Jane

    Herbed cream cheese

  85. Brian
    23 January 12, 3:49pm

    The New Englander…

    Cinnamon Raison Bread (toasted)
    Apple Butter spread
    Thinly sliced Granny Smith apples
    Raost Turkey
    Sharp Cheddar

  86. Janis
    26 January 12, 5:05am

    A Buffalo Chicken Macaroni and Cheese Melt….

    I found a recipe for Buffalo Chicken Macaroni and Cheese online. I thought it sounded genius so maybe make a sandwich out of it somehow… I’m assuming it’s like mixing buffalo chicken dip and mac and cheese… then add lettuce and either Cheddar or Bleu cheese.
    If you wanna add a kick, maybe jalepenos… (My favorite sandwich at Melt is The Big Popper! Gotta love spicy!!) or maybe just a red/green pepper combo!

  87. Alison Smock
    27 January 12, 7:08pm

    The Southern Hospitality
    White Bread, Fried Green Tomatoes, Bacon, Lettuce, Swiss Cheese and Ranch or Honey Mustard.
    (Sells like crazy here on UT’s campus in Knoxville!)

    The Lynyrd Skynyrd
    White Bread and Pimento Cheese Spread. Friend Pickle Spears on the side.

  88. nikki
    30 January 12, 6:04pm

    Miss piggy meets Kermit!

    Southern style tangy BBQ sauce, Pulled Pork, Pickles melted in creamy white American cheese slapped between garlic Italian bread!

  89. The Greenes
    30 January 12, 6:44pm

    Italian Mistress’ Sandwich

    Butter 2 thick slices sourdough bread as u would a traditional grilled cheese. Place one slice butter down in skillet or choice of weapon and then add a layer of pepperoni to ur liking, add mozzerella , prinkle good amount of garlic powder on pepperoni on cheese, repeat with onion salt, add more pepperoni! Place other slice of bread butter side up on. Grill till nice dark golden (crispy) cheese is melted and serve with side of marinara!

  90. kristan
    01 February 12, 4:47am

    The morning after

    Waffles, eggs cooked to order, breakfast sausage patties, cheesy hashbrown casserole, maple syrup, and american or cheddar cheese

  91. Grace
    02 February 12, 1:56am

    I would love a philly cheese steak.. grilled chees any cheese a lot of cheese. on grilled bread.and steak

  92. Grace
    02 February 12, 1:58am

    has. chicken breast, bacon, a ton of cheese and butter, maybe grilled onions. different but almazing

  93. Jim S.
    04 February 12, 4:39am

    I had this one custom made a while back when they had garlic mashed potatoes with something…


    Grilled Steak, Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Cheddar Cheese, and Bacon. All the great tastes of a steak and baked potato on one sandwich. IT WAS AMAZING.

  94. Chris
    10 February 12, 3:44pm

    Michael Symon Fat Doug Melt

    Burger, with pastrami, coleslaw, swiss and mustard. Best Burger ever!

  95. jason
    13 February 12, 5:20am

    The Pink Fisherman

    Lay some smoked slices of salmon with cream cheese, smoked gouda, roasted yellow peppers, and smoked Bacon between two slices of garlic bread. Then batter and deep fry it tempura style. Booyah

  96. Mary
    17 February 12, 5:40pm

    How about one with a “baby burger” (really thin hamburger), bacon, LOTS of cheddar cheese, crispy onion rings, some creamy coleslaw, and bbq sauce? All on garlic grilled Texas toast. I’d eat it. 😀 I’d call it the “Mmm…Good”

  97. lori
    24 February 12, 8:04am

    i think spaghetti and meatballs smothered in provolone between two slices of italian bread sounds good!

  98. Steve
    12 April 12, 12:46am

    Take the Big Popper and add in a burger patty cooked to order, then replace the cheddar cheese with swiss and add grilled onions. And of course beer-batter and fry it!

  99. Tommy B
    12 April 12, 6:29pm

    The Cagoots

    Cagoots is Italian for squash or something, but to us it was always Fried Zucchini:

    Fried Zucchini (cut in rounds, not spears), Sliced Tomato, Provolone, Mozzarella, Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto, Italian Bread

  100. Miranda
    18 April 12, 6:28pm

    Benedict Brunch

    thick slice of canadian bacon or ham
    sautéed garlic spinach
    poached or fried egg
    Hollandaise sauce
    choice of cheese!


    veg options….portobello or tomato and avocado slices…

  101. Michelle "Brickhouse"
    23 April 12, 8:58pm

    “The Bodybuilder”

    Mozz. cheese
    Grilled chicken
    roasted red pepper
    honey balsamic dressing

  102. Christine McCanna
    24 April 12, 7:17am

    The Three Little Pigs and a Chicken

    Pork Cutlet
    2 Over Easy Eggs
    Prov, and Smoked Gouda

    I made it after a long day and night of drinking….it WILL be a new special!!!

  103. Kent Hamilton
    27 April 12, 1:24am

    The Trent Richardson

    2 mini pancakes
    2 Over Easy Eggs
    3 Sausage patties
    3 Bacon strips
    American Cheese

  104. brenda
    30 April 12, 10:58pm



  105. Jen
    13 May 12, 1:49am

    The West Coast Killer

    Gouda. Bacon. Guacamole. Cheddar. Served with a side of ranch-jalapeno dipping sauce and sweet potato fries dusted with confectioner’s sugar for a sweet and salty Californian treat. I just *drooled* on the keyboard.

  106. 16 May 12, 7:37pm

    I think you should have a sampler platter of 5 or 6 “mini melts”; that way diners could try multiple sandwiches at once and really open up their palate to new possibilities. I just graduated culinary school and I have to tell you…you’re a true inspiration! I saw you at the Fabulous Food Show and really enjoyed your insight. Kudos to you…keep up the good work!

  107. Tanya
    22 May 12, 10:03am

    Title: Au Jus Champignon
    (mushroom in French)

    Haven’t visited yet as trip to Cleveland is in a couple of months so but what about adding au jus dipped roast beef slices to the Mushroom Melt.

  108. madison
    29 May 12, 8:23pm

    My favorite sandwich at Melt…The Grilled Peanut Butter and Banana…with bacon..and of course battered in funnel cake batter and deep fried! A delicious sandwich :)

  109. Julia
    04 June 12, 12:34am

    Bruschetta Vendetta =
    basil pesto + fresh mozzarella + sliced tomatoes + spinach + roasted garlic

    Also, please please bring back the pig roast special with corn on the cob and potato salad. Its my absolute favorite!

  110. Elizabeth
    07 June 12, 2:34pm

    I’ve been dying to see a version of the Cuban panini at Melt. Start off with a slow cooked pulled pork, add slices of ham, swiss, and pickles, and finish off with a healthy drizzle of spicy mustard. That is my Melt fantasy. Anyone else agree?

  111. LK
    12 June 12, 4:36pm

    The Heartbeat

    Anything on gluten-free bread. I’d be there in a heartbeat.

  112. Jacob Cremins
    13 June 12, 10:40pm

    The Hot Chick
    Blackened chicken that’s been seasoned with the El Diablo four pepper rub
    Honey tomato chipotle sauce
    Fresh jalapenos
    Pepper-jack and smoked gouda

  113. Laura Hickman
    16 June 12, 1:56pm

    Would love to see…The Mama Mia

    Meatballs, Fried Eggplant (not on the add-ons but should be) , Mozz Stix and Marinara. Laura H.

  114. maureen curran
    19 June 12, 4:08pm

    Wheat bread, with spicy hummus, avacado and pepper jack cheese. Tomato or roasted red pepper optional

  115. Crystal
    21 June 12, 2:33pm


    Keeping it simple.
    Mac n Cheese on a grilled cheese.

  116. chris kowalewski
    07 July 12, 3:44pm

    The Hinkley Buzzard

    Texas toast (Top of sandwich)
    choco stout BBQ
    sharp cheddar cheese
    smoked turkey
    vodka kraut
    pepperjack cheese
    blackened chicken
    Texas toast (bottom of sandwich)

  117. Stef
    16 July 12, 2:35pm

    It’s all about the Mac

    Baked Mac and cheese smothered between 2 slices of bread…add some spice like Franks Red Hot or Siracha, or even some jalapeños.



    Gooey Fried Mac and cheese same way..you need some crunch!

  118. Hannah
    16 July 12, 5:20pm

    A Spinach and Artichoke Dip Sandwich:

    Cream cheese
    Parm or asiago cheese
    Maybe some diced tomatoes

  119. Max
    13 August 12, 4:05pm

    The Philly black and bleu melt-
    roast beef smothered in swiss and covered with, crumbled bleu cheese, raosted red peppers, carmelized onions, two slices of bacon and all topped off with a portobella mushroom

    • Max
      13 August 12, 4:08pm

      ah and dont forget the au jus and steak sauce on the side for dipping
      served with peppercorn chipolte fries and my own homemade slaw

  120. Celine
    13 August 12, 4:46pm

    A Vegan Breakfast sandwich! Scrambled Tofu, hash browns & a Seitan Sausage, served with an herb Gravy dipping sauce!

  121. Justin
    21 August 12, 2:27pm

    “Down on the farm”

    Goat Cheese / Or Other
    Topped off with an egg
    Sun- Dried Tomatoes
    All on Garlic buttered bread.

  122. 21 August 12, 7:24pm

    Sour dough bread, Bison hamburger, blu cheese, bacon, grilled onions and mushrooms and hot Buffalo sauce

  123. Alyssa
    21 August 12, 8:52pm

    I’m a big fan of cheese boards with my wines and charcuterie boards with my beer (or any time), but that’s not really the Melt style. So what if you did a Melt Board, with slider/mini grilled cheeses to complement the different styles of beer. Like the Melt Stout Board and The Melt IPA Board. Actually, a Monster Melt Board would be just fine too. With some pickles, kraut, and mustard on the side. FABULOUS! And of course I would need to try it will all the beers on the menu.

  124. shawn
    28 August 12, 2:46am


  125. Lura
    31 August 12, 10:03pm

    Lupe Loves Luigi – Pepper Jack and Mozz with creamy chipotle on grilled foccacia! Muy Bene or Molto Bueno!

  126. Vera
    03 September 12, 9:56pm

    Smoked turkey…Bacon…Fresh Avacado

  127. Jeramy "Bug"smith
    06 September 12, 12:23am

    Breaded deep-fried Fettuchini Alfredo, with mozzarella, provolone, and optional meatballs. Served with marinara. If u make it they will come. Sandwich of Dreams.

  128. TaSade
    12 September 12, 4:09am

    The dear you be in cleveland and not play off the home town the po boy garlic bread smoked pork shoulder rich savory bbq sauce with that crisp slaw on white American cheese with fries it.would be called a taste of cleveland…this shocked me something like this wasnt on the.menu

  129. Rick
    15 September 12, 4:35pm

    The Pizza Melt

    Pepperoni, mushroom, and sausage with mozzarella and colby jack cheese on grilled garlic bread

  130. simon
    11 October 12, 10:40pm

    BBC – Bacon, Brie and cranberry sauce, get in!!

  131. Kait
    23 October 12, 9:07pm

    A gluten free bread choice would be great!

  132. Lissa
    02 November 12, 7:43am

    The Hunter’s Choice
    thinly sliced venison (marinated in soy sauce) with melted provolone cheese
    grilled peppers and onions on crispy fresh bread

  133. michael barker
    06 November 12, 1:25pm

    fish n chips

    beer battered fish (preferably cod) lemon, french fries, mushy peas ( pea puree), mornay sauce.

  134. michael barker
    06 November 12, 1:35pm

    The Spanish Inquisition

    Sauted potato, onion, garlic, smoked paprika, rosemary and chorizo all cooked together in an egg fritatta then topped with melted manchego cheese and serrano ham and served in a spanish style barra (baguette)

    I think ill go make this bad boy right now.

  135. Big Daddy James
    13 November 12, 8:33pm

    Big Daddy Grilled Cheese Sammich

    Whole Wheat Bread
    Jalapeno Pimento Cheese Spread
    Squirt of Sriracha
    Sprinkling of White Sesame Seeds

    Awesome sammich!

  136. sarah
    16 November 12, 3:02pm

    Apple Bacon Gobbler – turkey breast, bacon, grilled apples, cheddar cheese, and mayo

  137. Justin Seese
    18 November 12, 12:54am

    The Morning Overdose

    Sausage Patties, Homestyle Grits, Homestyle Gravy with Mashed Potatoes and Colby Jack Cheese. Served with a side of Fries.

  138. Jesse
    23 November 12, 12:20am

    Thousand Island getaway

    Chicken Fingers, Bacon, Macaroni and cheese and Thousand island dressing

  139. Justin Snyder
    27 November 12, 12:47am

    4 cheese grilled jalapeno burger

    Grilled Cheese for the bottom (your cheese of choice)
    Grilled Steak Burger infused with Jalapenos
    4 Cheese blend on top of that
    Add grilled Jalapenos on top of that
    And Finally top with ANOTHER GRILLED CHEESE!!!!!!!

  140. Janice Dotson
    28 November 12, 6:50pm

    I have no clever name

    roasted strawberries, nutella, and brie cheese.

  141. Gabrielle
    30 November 12, 1:29am

    The Breakfast Club
    Sandwich with Pixie Stix and Captain Crunch cereal
    on wonder bread- bring back the 80’s!!!!

  142. Sumy Schick
    30 November 12, 10:48pm

    Ooey-Gooey Pulled Pork Burger

    I’ve long wanted to see more places that serve a juicy burger topped with pulled pork, but I realize the only to improve on my “If only…” is to make it over grilled cheese style, encased particularly with swiss cheese.

  143. peter
    04 December 12, 6:31pm

    Chivito (popular as national sandwich of Uruguay) made of thin sliced filet mignon (churrasco), garlic-cilantro mayonnaise, black-green olive tapenade, goat’s milk mozzarella, roasted tomatoes, bacon, fried eggs and pancetta.

  144. Johnny Miller
    05 December 12, 4:47pm

    Bun. Medium rare parmesean crusted roast beef, vinegar/oil slaw, provalone cheese, grilled banana peppers, pepper jack cheese, mango sauce. Bun. In that order.

  145. Dann Hrusch
    06 December 12, 11:09pm


    Bacon, bourbon mincemeat, a hot apple fritter split and grilled, swiss, muenster, and candied pecans.

  146. Christine
    03 January 13, 1:23am

    If someone already posted this my apologies… but what about a Reuben melt (this may have been done already and I just missed it, not sure)… anyways, corned beef ofcourse, sauerkraut, and tons of swiss cheese… on rye bread fried up like how they fry the Monte Cristo sandwhich, with a little powdered sugar on top, and thousand island dressing on the side to dip it in mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm….

    Another idea, Cajun Creole Chicken melt, fried chicken injected with creole butter and cajun spices, with pepper jack cheese, coleslaw, on bread fried up again like how they fry up the Monte Cristo sandwhich with powdered sugar on top.

    Quesadilla fajita melt, grilled chicken, green peppers, red peppers, jalapenos (optional), lots of queso cheese, and a mix of mexican cheeses, salsa (like pico de gallo nice and chunky, and fresh), cilantro, adobo seasoning, again fried up like the Monte Cristo with powdered sugar on top… mmmmm guacamole, and sour cream on the side, served with toasted chips and salsa mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

    That is all for now.

  147. Jack Fait
    01 February 13, 4:03pm

    I was in Mentor Melt last week and couldn’t decide so I made up my own. I started with a westside monte cristo and added the wake and bacon soooo good I called it the Happy Birthday Jack melt next time I need to bring some pancake syrup to dip it in

  148. Misty
    04 February 13, 12:14am

    Roasted red peppers, kalamata olives, caramalized onions,roasted green peppers, grilled diced tomatoes,mushrooms,feta cheese,provolone cheese , with a garlic shallot mayo -misty

  149. Johnny D.
    09 February 13, 12:08am

    Mardi Gras Special.
    Jambalaya Melt
    Cajun spiced Chicken, Crawfish Tails, Shrimp, and Andouille sausage with Smoked Gouda, Jalepeno Goat cheese, slathered in Cayenne Pepper sauce Mayo.

  150. Heather W
    09 February 13, 6:46pm

    The Farmers Market

    All locally grown produce and local cheeses.
    Start with a good smear of Local (Lucky Penny, Lake Erie Creamery, or MacKenzie Creamery) Goats Milk Cheve
    Add a layer of Fire Roased Red Bell Peppers, Carmalized onions, House made Tomatilla salsa (made with all local ingredents of course!)
    Top with a good melty amish cheese (like a yogurt cheese or a Appenzeller) and halved local cherry tomatoes (red, yellow, orange mix) and broil.
    Of course, this is all made with local butter and with a fresh locally made bun!

  151. Jon S.
    19 February 13, 6:26pm

    High Steaks Ace: Shredded sirloin, A1 steak sauce, carmelized onions, green peppers, grilled mushrooms, a garlic potato and sour cream spread, with american and cheddar cheese.

  152. SK
    24 February 13, 1:26am


    Grilled BBQ Chicken
    Avocado (seasoned with a dash of garlic salt)

  153. SK
    24 February 13, 1:39am


    Blackened Grilled Chicken (sliced in strips)
    Diced Tomatoes
    Shredded Lettuce
    Monterrey Jack (shredded)
    Sharp Cheddar (shredded)

  154. Derek Hannah
    01 March 13, 5:56pm

    The Mel-vis:

    Peanut butter, mixed berry preserves, bannans, bacon, sweet cream cheese, deep-fried with powdered sugar

    • Derek Hannah
      01 March 13, 5:57pm

      might also be done with a glazed doughnut instead of bread

  155. Christine
    19 March 13, 4:51pm

    Chicken and Waffles melt sandwhich

    Fried chicken, cheese, bacon, and fried eggs stuffed inside of two belgian waffles with a side of syrup to dip in.

  156. Christine
    20 March 13, 12:23am

    Sausage and biscuits melt sandwhich:

    Breakfast sausage, cheese, and eggs between two gigantic buttermilk biscuits or between two big buttermilk pancakes…. sprinkles of powdered sugar on top with a side of sausage gravy and/or syrup. Home fries on the side.

  157. Christine
    26 March 13, 12:04am

    This is the last idea I can share, email me for more ideas (I want to get credit for my creations lol, no offense)…

    Fried green tomatoes melt:

    Fried green tomatoes, your choice of either southern fried chicken or fried catfish, cheese, and coleslaw between two big buttermilk biscuits or bread is ok too… with a side of ranch dressing or pico de gallo… and served with either fried okra or french fries.

    • Christine
      06 April 13, 12:01pm

      Tartar sauce on the side too as an option if the catfish is chosen.

  158. Justin Seese
    11 April 13, 2:31pm

    “Let’s Taco-bout it”

    Fresh meat patty (VA), Munester Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato, Olives, Onions and Sour Cream and Guacamole.

  159. Derek
    17 April 13, 6:38pm

    Sunday Brunch

    American, egg, and bacon (wake and bacon) but make the bread into a french toast, and serve it with the red raspberry preserve! that would be the best sunday brunch sandwich ever!

  160. Emma
    24 April 13, 9:56am

    Bloody Mary –

    Sharp Cheddar, Parmesan, Horseradish Cream Cheese, Lightly Pickled Celery, Vodka-Marinated Tomatoes and Sweet Peppers. Served with a Tabasco Tomato and Vegetable Soup Cup.

  161. Aly
    04 May 13, 2:10pm

    The poutine melt:
    French fries, gravy, fresh white cheddar cheese curds, and bacon.
    It would be beyond perfect.

  162. Debbie B, Richmond
    03 June 13, 7:35am

    Swimmin’ Upstream
    Smoked Salmon, Dill cream cheese spread, pepperjack, capers, roasted red peppers, some tabasco and old bay.

  163. Jorge
    10 June 13, 10:32am

    Sandwich name: Buffalo Macdaddy
    Ok so i tried this sandwich custom before and it was amazing, though if i could i would make some modifications to it. Mac’n’cheese mixed with shredded buffalo chicken,dressed with bacon, mushrooms with some ranch sauce! For those willing to be bold(and if possible) deep fry it! If y’all feel this would be a great sandwich to the menu, modify it to your liking, just keep the name. Thanks for lisiting and may you guys keep making the best sandwiches on Earth!

  164. Brian
    28 June 13, 8:40pm

    The Heart stopper

    Grilled sour dough bread, sharp cheddar and provalone cheese, thick cut cajun bacon and charizo. fried eggs and topped with grilled jalapeno peppers.

  165. Rachel
    07 July 13, 1:06pm

    The Sultan of Swing: Grilled Kafta Melt!. Kafta burger, goat or feta cheese, yogurt/garlic sauce. cucumbers, banana peppers, roasted peppers, onions and tomatoes. Yum!

  166. Sherry C.
    26 July 13, 9:59pm

    The Beetlejuice!

    Mud pudding (complete with gummy worms and bugs!)
    Sweet cream cheese
    Deep fried in batter and covered with powdered sugar and drizzled chocolate sauce
    Berry preserve on the side

    And don’t forget to ask for a glass of juice!

  167. Jenny
    01 August 13, 4:46am

    “The Fried Elvis”

    fresh made peanut butter & sweet cream cheese blended together, caramelized banana, crispy bacon, crispy battered & deep fried, mixed berry preserves

    Gonna order this on the weekend!!

  168. Jenny
    01 August 13, 5:04am

    “Green Morning”

    Nutella & sweet cream cheese blended together, grilled strawberry halves, matcha (green tea) cream, dusted with powdered sugar.

  169. Mitchell Gordon
    04 August 13, 10:18am

    A twist on the classic Beef on Weck. Take a nice crusty roll, preferably one crusted with caraway and coarse salt. Fill it with swiss cheese and roast beef. Wrap in paper towels and warm in microwave until cheese melts (or steam the sandwich). Open the sandwich up and load it up with horseradish sauce, the sharper the better. Great with a cold beer.

  170. Shelly
    05 August 13, 12:58am

    The Sloppy and Sweet Potato Spud Melt

    sloppy joe mix, sweet potato fries, goat cheese, caramelized onions

    -If y’all don’t make this, I will….but if you do, I will totally get my MELT tattoo!

  171. MDR
    06 September 13, 6:23pm


  172. Daw
    06 September 13, 10:56pm

    Italian street dog
    Spicy split bratwurst with cream cheese

  173. Dev
    10 September 13, 12:17pm

    The Chop suey!

    Sweet soy-honey bbq pork chop, pickled red onion, Duck sauce aoli, smoked Gouda. Fried crab rangoons.

  174. carol whitt
    15 September 13, 6:07pm

    Burrito Melt
    burger, onions, green chilis, jalpenos, tomatoes, chipotle sauce,,,,,,,,

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