April Food & Drink Features

Now Available: Fresh-Made Kettle Chips!
You can now choose either fries OR chips with any Melt sandwich!

Please ask to see our dietary concerns information. We want all guests to enjoy Melt worry free.  NOTE: The consumption of raw or undercooked eggs & meat products may increase the risk of food borne illness.

V = Vegetarian Item
VA = Vegetarian Available
VG = Vegan Available

Sandwich Special

My Big Fat Gyro Melt

My Big Fat Gyro Melt

beef and lamb gyro meat, traditional tzatziki cucumber yogurt sauce, fresh tomato and sweet onions, rich feta and muenster cheese

VA Vegetarian Available

Seasonal Sides

Cheesy Romano Cauliflower

sautéed cauliflower, romano cheese sauce, herbed bread crumbs

V Vegetarian Item
Mediterranean Chickpea Salad

Mediterranean Chickpea Salad

tender chickpeas, english cucumbers, tomatoes, red onion, feta, herb vinaigrette

V Vegetarian Item
VG Vegan Available

Bread Pudding

Tiramisu Bread Pudding

Tiramisu Bread Pudding

homemade Italian tiramisu-inspired bread pudding filled with sweet and creamy ricotta tiramisu frosting, drizzled with an espresso syrup then topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, real whipped cream and cocoa powder

V Vegetarian Item

Drink Features

Summit Brewing Spring Saison

Beer: Summit Brewing Spring Saison

the saison style is a farmhouse ale that was traditionally served in the spring and now represents the transition from winter to spring. Crisp, highly carbonated and refreshing, the beer’s herbal, spicy and peppery flavors will help you get outside and usher in the spring 4.7% abv

Strawberry Sashay

Cocktail: Strawberry Sashay

Smirnoff Vanilla Vodka, house-made strawberry preserves, fresh lemon juice, topped with bubbly Sprite, this wonderful spring cocktail will remind you of biting into a strawberry Starburst!