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Melt Bar and Grilled

Meagan Giles

I’ve been to a lot of restaurants in the northeast Ohio area and many of them are so much alike, I finally got to go to Melt last night and boy did I have fun. Everything was funky enough to be different! I’m a huge foodie, so food is serious business, Melt is serious business!

Dixxie Hazard

UNBELIEVEABLE ! We will be eating at MELT on every trip to Cleveland!

Paris Bray

Ive Been To Melts 2 Times Now And The First I Went With My Mother For Her B-day In Cleveland Heights And Was Not Satisfied The Food Was Dry And Was Not Wat I Was Expecting Especially After A 2hr Wait…But I Just Went This Evening To Lakewood And It Was Excellent..Great Service 30 min Wait If That And Great Food…I Will Be Goin Back To The One In Lakewood..! As For The Cleveland Heights Never Again..!

Mycah Wells

have been waiting so long to finally have time to visit melt and when i finally had the chance yesterday it was amazing!! the best thing i have ever had and i cant wait to come back !

Dana Richmond

I had the Cleveland cheese steak and it was amazing thank you for a awesome sandwich and a great night!!!!

Annie Ski

I ordered the vegan Bomb Turkey, one week ago today, and I am still ridiculously happy about it.

Matt Pedone

You outdid yourself with the vegan special this month.. the vegan turkey was AMAZING!!!!! best I’ve ever had at melt

Rich Corbin

NEW BOMB TURKEY….best name EVER.!!!  Volare, wo-oh…..

Mike Chermonitz

Drive, fly, run, walk just get to Melt! Hands down best of the best!

Dakshay Panchmatiya

One word: HEAVEN!
Two words: Big Popper!
Three words: Best restaurant ever!

Kate Kear

As a Boston transplant back in the area to visit friends & family, we were ordered to try this place. Our 45-min wait was made more pleasant by an extensive beer selection (and if you, like me, are not a beer drinker, there are lots of options. The pear cider on draft is fantastic.) We were able to find bar seats at 6:45pm on a Thursday night at the Cleveland Hts location, and bar service was prompt once we caught a bartender’s attention.

The food was, in a word, amazing. I’m not a big fan of grilled cheese but their options are appetizing and inventive, so I’m looking forward to the next visit. I appreciated the ability to order an appetizing flavor combination or order toppings a la carte.

The service was, in a word, perfect. I’m picky about servers, but Daniel was in top form. Attentive without being overbearing or clingy, observant enough to catch cues to get orders, replace drinks, and able to answer questions readily and easily. He was able to identify two beverages based on sight alone, and had a great sense of humor.
For a party of four, our food arrived in ample time, I didn’t think to clock it but it couldn’t have been more than half an hour. Everything was cooked to order, and while a touch greasier than I’d expected, it was also delicious. I had the Tokyo Tuna Melt and the sauce & spices they use on it make it taste like a perfect fusion of sushi & grilled cheese.  I can’t wait to go back.

Ralph DeRose

Was there this past Saturday. Since there was a 1 1/2 hr wait we decided to eat at the bar where there were 2 seats available. The staff was super friendly and quite helpful navigating the menu. I had the Lake Erie Monster . You can’t beat Lake Erie walleye. I couldn’t believe the size of the fish filet…it was unbelievable and delicious with the jalapeno tartar sauce…
The drinks needed a little help…I don’t think they knew how to make a Manhattan….wasn’t good….but can”t wait to go back….

Deidre Cole

We decided to travel the 3 hr trip to Cleveland area , wanting to visit the West Side Market then off to Melts! Well after our visit we have decided we want to move there.. Thanks for  a great time and wonderful food .. Btw our server Sophia is awesome!!

Molly O’Brien

My family and I just got back from our second trip to the Cleveland Heights Melt… We love it!  Not only is the atmosphere great, but the food is so good.  We have tried several of the sandwiches and love the fries.  Some of our favorites are the Melt Burger, The Westside Monte Cristo, the Wakin Bacon, and the Kindergarten.  And though the sandwiches are huge- we managed to save some room for dessert.  The Peanut Butter Cup Banana Bread Pudding is to die for.  It fed 5 of us today.  I don’t eat cheesecake, but that was a hit at our table too.  Everyone should try Melt- we’ve made two 90 minute drives in a week to get there!!!

Kelly Gay

I took the melt challenge on July 1 and finished the fries and slaw and had finished half  the delicious cheese sandwich started working on the second half when that goat cheese did me in i just could not do it.  After all that cheese my daughters who where with me thought i wouldn’t eat cheese for a long time,  the next day i made my self a three cheese omelet.  I have been back since, and tried the mushroom burger it was cooked to perfection.  Both visits the staff was awesome.  The wait is worth the food.  The only thing is ii don’t have any room left to try the desserts.  Keep up the great work and next time I come in I will have my Big Cheese Club card.  Oh, I plan to try the challenge again.

Joseph Burkavage

We are in Cleveland for R @ R HOF, saw Man vs Food the night before. We had a 7 hour ride to go home that afternoon, but went out of our way to try you out. Didn’t leave for home till 6pm arriving at home at 1:30 am and had to go to work at 6:30 am but going out of our way to to try you. Hostess said it would be 45 minute wait, we waited 30 minutes. Our Waitress was great food was great, priced faily It was worth the 4 hours of sleep the next day. Next time we are in Cleveland we will come again.Ive  been in our families restaurant business for 35 years and know what great service and food is. We went to the Lakewood location, on the 24th of June 2010 at around 4:30 pm keep up the good work.  Joseph, Josh  my son and Brian Mc my brother in law.

Ashlie Dyer

I thought melt was really good when we finally got our food. It did tke a tad long but i was fine with that. The fries are so flipping delicious. I will definitly be back

Sonya Raybould

everything was so wonderful! ate there yesterday with 8 friends (7 vegans 2 vegetarians) and the food was extraordinary! thank you

Joel Nedrow

Saw you on Triple D with Guy and decided to stop on a business trip.  Food was incredible, atmosphere was funky and the staff was marvelous.  Had the jalapeno and cheddar grilled cheese with the berry preserve sauce.  The most creative and delicious sandwich I can remember having.  Fresh ingredients, big flavor, and wonderful bread — it couldn’t have been better.

Lindy Reilly

just ate the parmageddon after a overnight flight from Cleveland to tucson arizona, and after the flight it still held up and brought tears to my eyes, im so happy right now. Congrats on the man vs food my restaurant was on last season and when adam told me they were goin to you i was excited for every one at Melt….So much love from Lindy’s on 4th Tucson Arizona and thank you for the best grilled cheese i have ever had.

Sarah Klaich

As a first timer in the state of Ohio, I was told that my family and I had to try this place. Let me tell you something the food here is WONDERFUL!!! I as a mother could never top that grill cheese sandwich!!! Thank you for the experience!!!

Paul Paquette

on our way back home to Michigan we stopped in,wow awesome food, drinks and a great staff, we are already planing our next trip,and i stopped and bought a t and hoodie that i will wear with pride thanks so much.

Run Roll

I recently took a weekend trip to Cleveland. Unlike Joakim Noah, I was in awe of all of the things the city has to offer. After an eventful day and enjoying an Indians victory, we decided to hit up Melt Bar and Grill to take on “The Melt Challenge.” We had no intentions of actually completing the challenge, we just couldn’t pass up an opportunity to eat 5 lbs of cheese! Who could, right? And let’s just say this grilled cheese sandwich lived up to all of it’s hype!

I guess, the only thing disappointing about Melt (besides not having Bud Ice) was that it left me not wanting to see CHEESE for a very long time! CHEESUS!

Michael Uzmann

According to their website, “Melt opened in September 2006 with one goal: To provide gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches and as many beers as possible in a cool and comfortable environment. No bar food. No boring choices on tap. And something for everyone: it’s Cleveland-friendly, slightly kitschy, and memorable. It’s relaxing, energetic, and fun.”… (read the rest of Michaels great review here)

Marilyn Peterlin

I LOVE your place. Only been twice, but am an east-sider so will be going to Cedar Rd. locale when opens. My one criticism is: the portobello mushroom sandwich does not go well with the carmelized onions. The onions’ sweetness does not complement the earthiness of the mushroom. I think sauteed onions in plain oil with  garlic would suit the overall taste better. Other than that, keep up the GREAT work!

Jen Willyard

I was in Ohio over the weekend and my cousin suggested meeting at Melt for lunch…….it was VERY worth the hour drive from where I was!  Yes the wait was about an hour, but worth it. The staff was very friendly, the atmosphere fun and the food was FABULOUS! I had the Northcoast Shores, just perfect!
I only wish you had a location in Pittsburgh….but I can see me making a road trip just for Melt!

Renee Smith

I just saw this place on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives and I am pretty sure if we had one down here in Florida, it would be awesome! U guys up there are SO lucky and there shouldn’t be any bad reviews on here EVER!  I am the one who should be crying, not them! :*(

Brian Mccallie

Had my first MELT last night (2/27) after catching the end of the Man v Food filming.  We started with the brussels sprouts in Thai Peanut Glaze.  They were INSANE delicious!!!  Followed the sprouts up with a breakfast burger melt (burger, fried eggs, bacon & American cheese; I chose to add jalapenos).  Hands-down THE BEST burger that this fella has ever eaten.  I can’t wait to go back & try another fantastic sammich – I’ve got the Parmageddon in my sights!  Oh, almost forgot…I washed the burger fries & slaw down with some ice cold PBR tall boys!  What’ll ya have?  A phenomenal meal!!  Nice work MELT crew!

Your newest ARMY member, BMac

Don Tanner

My wife and i saw your spot on Triple D on Monday Feb.8th.  We dicided then to have our Valentines Dinner at your establishment.  So, I called Saturday morning to see what the wait would be and was told about an hour if I was not there at openning.  We arrive around 2:00 pm and was told it would be 2 1/2 to 3 hours.  So, we went and visited Malleys Chocolate a couple of block away, then returned 1 1/2 hrs later.  We we seated within 20 minutes.  BOY! was the wait worth it.  As Guy Fieri said you are “over the top, around and over the top again.”  We had invited my daughter and her boyfriend over from Cleveland Heights to dine with us.  Between the 4 of us we ordered, Winter Chicken, Lake Erie Monster, Tokyo Tuna Melt, Parmageddon and the Mushroom Melt for my son at home.  Did I mention my wife and I traveled from Columbus.  Your food is Out of this World!  Also, we ordered the Stir Fried Brussel Sprouts w/ Apple cider Glaze.  They were to die for. My daughter cannot wait for your new location top open in her neighborhood. I had ordered my Big Cheese Club Card online before coming up and just got it in the mail yesterday.  I forgot to mention that when we ordered our food.  The $66 dollars would have given us a good start on our club card. When we Travel we try to hit one of Guy’s featured resturants.  Keep up the good work.  Oh! I was the one who had asked for Matt to autograph a couple of the menu’s, which you did.  Thanks for that!  Anyway we will be returning Saturday March 6th to try something different.

Brad Kornuc

aweesome grill cheese.  Parmageddon is the best grill cheese sandwich I have ever had.  mouth watering

Michelle Howe

thanks so much for making your wonderful food available to the vegans of the world.

Erica Danta

So disappointed…I came to Cleveland from Michigan to eat at your place and there was a 2 HOUR wait!! I will have to try again another time.

Bryan Rosser

Awesome! I had yesterdays special, the Happy Hungarian and it might just be my new favorite sandwich. Please Add it to the menu on an ongoing basis.

Roger Metz

great chow……but as a former ‘BUD MAN’ would like to see ‘O’DOULS’ (in the green bottle) added to the NA beer menu !!!…its almost as good as the real thing !!!!

Mike Pettry

I go to Melt about 3 to 4 times a month and it gets better every single time. Best restaurant in Ohio…. Actually best restaurant in America… Actually the world

Kayla DesChamps

My husband and I live in lakewood and love Melt!  The staff is always fun and easy to get along with.  We both are vegans and the first time we came in Leah was very helpful in letting us know more about the menu and the vegan options.  Melt is now the only place we go out to eat at!  We love you Melt and the staff….especially Leah!!!

Melissa Pocek

God came down to earth and said “It is time that I make a wonderful grill cheese sandwich bar with  21 different types of sandwiches and 150 beers.” And the people were happy.

MELT’s name conjures up images of divine grilled cheese that makes my stomach grumble for joy. Each dish is served with hand cut fries and sweet slaw. The hand cut fries are crisp, pleasing to all senses, and taste like they were freshly made minutes before being served. This place is your all American punk rock restaurant/bar and caters to everyone from meat lovers to vegans.

If you’re having a gooey, cheesy, sandwich fit than every single dish served at MELT will win you over. Even if you are vegan and real cheese isn’t your thing.  You can have vegan cheese substituted for the real stuff on any of their sandwiches. Or if you’re still craving something different then try their holy handmade veggie burger ($8).

Beer and grilled cheese go together as well as sparkling champagne and wedding cake.   So do try one of their many appealing selections of beers from Great Lakes to PBR. All for a reasonable amount of pocket change. And yes they have He’brew too!

If you’re craving some protein then try the West Side Monte Cristo made with honey ham, smoked turkey, Swiss, and American cheese ($9). Or if your looking for a colossal veg sandwich The Parmageddon with potato and cheese pierogi, fresh napa vodka kraut, grilled onions, and cheese ($9) will keep you full for days.

The heavenly homemade soups are all made with fresh ingredients. Try their house soup with roasted garlic with a tomato soup base. It comes piping hot in a mug accompanied by gold fish crackers.

Cleveland’s MELT is one of the best hidden gems you will ever find. This celestial grilled cheese restaurent may even make you go back to church. Or at least thank God that a place like this exist.

Tom Jackson

I’ve heard Stansbury rave about the place on the Maxwell show so i had to try it.  It was better than i could ever imagine, left hand milk stout and great sandwiches.  I’m taking my wife for a surprise birthday meal, she’s never been.  It’s worth the drive from Canton.

Deb Nixdorf

I have introduced Melt to several people in Stark county.  Anytime we are near Cleveland we have to stop in. Very excited to see another location opening soon- east side is 45 minutes for me vs. 70 minutes to Lakewood. The food, beer, and atmosphere is fantastic.  The sandwiches are fabulous and I can’t say enough about the blue cheese bisque!! It needs to be a regular menu item!

Colleen Vampire

I Love Melt!!!!! I stopped over the weekend and I got the Oct. special- Mom’s meatloaf but the VEGAN version. That was fantastic!!!! yum. Thanks for having vegan options. I have eaten here several times and It’s always been spectacular and worth the hour wait!!!!!! If you think the wait is too long- just stick it out, It is SOOO Worth it.Can’t wait for the east side location to open. Thanks 😉

Dan Morris

Have not been to your establishment for a while, first time ordering the Parmageddeon… in a word, Awesome. The side of caramel port onions was really good too! Definately be back soon, laid back atmosphere, casual wait staff and the best mushroom s…oup I have ever had. My son had the Hot Italian and he was pretty full half way through but couldn’t stop eating it so I took his fries, poor lil guy will be able to finish a big guy portion some day, till then daddy’s got your back. Maybe next time I’ll get a ride there so I can try some of the pumpkin spice beers, gotta love the seasons!!!!! Thanks Melt………

Dana Aritonovich

I brought my sisters, cousin, and cousin’s friends to Melt for brunch on a Sunday morning.  My cousin and her friends are from Cincinnati so I wanted to show off the best restaurant in town!  We were all very impressed with our meals, and my Queen City companions were raving about it.  There is nothing like Melt down there.  I had the Big Popper, which has become my new favourite sandwich.  Yummy!  Fresh jalapenos, oozing cheese, delicious breading and a fabulous mixed berry dip.  I have been to Melt many times and am always amazed at the quality of my meal.  Plus, the wait is never as long as they say it is so we can get to our food faster than expected.  I always bring out-of-town friends to Melt and am happy to promote it whenever possible.  Keep up the great work, and good luck in the second location!

Andy Woodburn

Melt is spectacular!! I always get a Monte Cristo Sandwich and Fries and I like to wash it down with a glass of Welch’s grape soda. Who knew what a perfect combo this would be. I also love the retro atmosphere with posters and photos on the walls; I love the little display case up front with all the crazy toys inside especially the Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley dolls; I love how the menus are actually old vinyl record covers (I was really excited when I had Hotter Than Hell by Kiss!!) and I love how you guys are always playing some old movies (i.e. Clash Of The Titans, Tremors, etc.) and music videos on VH1 classic. Even though it’s nigh impossible to hear sometimes, I also like that you guys are always spinning some 80’s tunes. Melt is a happening joint with friendly staff, an inviting and conversation-starting atmosphere, and above all scrumptious food!! Peace, Love, and Grilled Cheese!!

Raecheal Maxwell

I just got back from your place in Lakewood! Currently in food coma! Building shrine for the big popper in my closet!

Rich Kapalin

Melt is a GREAT place to eat & it is definitely worth the wait no matter how long that is! Have only eaten there once but I have several friends who have endured HOURS of waiting and they NEVER leave unhappy!

Rob Torma

Just had that Monte Cristo that will definitely clog my arteries!!! But DAMN GOOD!!!!!!!!!! Thanks!!!

George Poporad

I would wait a week for you, my dearest Melt. No matter if it’s just my wife and I, with out of town relatives or with a group of 12, it’s always been a pleasure. You crank out wonderful food from your tiny kitchen and always have Left Hand on draft. I am glad to have you here.

Allison Luetschwager

We drove all the way from Wisconsin for a vacation, heard about Melt and knew we had to eat there. We waited an hour and a half just to get a table and another 40 minutes for food… the most delicious food I have ever eaten… One of the great things about Melt is that the people that work there are awesome! We got to meet a handful of wonderful people that made the wait seem like nothing. Extra thanks to Matt who took the time to get a list of his favorite spots in Cleveland together for us. That list was like our bible and we had a blast. Our only regret…not going back to Melt for one last meal before we headed home. What were we thinking?Ray Perme

I’ve waited an hour before and every mouth drooling second of the wait was worth it. Even with the Saturday afternoon/evening rush—all the busy waiters, waitresses, bar tenders and cooks—it was still perfect.

Shannon Myers

MELT is our GO TO restaurant. I have tried 10 different sandwiches and haven’t found one I don’t like. PLEASE have that amazing Turkey/Stuffing/Butternut Squash grilled cheese again in November!!! I’ve been craving it ever since. Thanks for giving Cleveland a GREAT place to eat.

Ryan McCartney

I’ve waited an hour and a half many times at Melt (and even two hours) and I’ve never had a single problem with it. I’ve taken my parents who are approaching 60 and they have no problem with it. It’s just a great place to relax and grab a beer while you’re waiting. People fail to realize that they have an outstanding draft list! They’ve had some kegs this year that are tough to find (Stone Sublimely Self-Righteous and Stone Vanilla Porter come to mind). Just enjoy the atmosphere and the beer! Might as well wait for outstanding quality

Quisha Marbury

Went to Melt last night waited 2 hours and it was still everything that I dreamed it would be… You still have not let me down!!!

Debra Bennett

Even after an 8-hour drive to Cleveland, I’d still wait as long as it takes for some Melt!!

Yuri Szewczyk

From the time I gave my name with the hostess to getting my food I waited 2hrs and 15mins for my food on Sunday. But the Firecracker sandwich and Indigo IMP Summer Bombshell made it all worthwhile.

Jim Bellew

Home of the best sandwiches I have ever eaten in my life. Like a flavor explosion in your mouth.

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