July Specials

Sandwich Special

Firecracker Chicken  – Hot & Spicy Diablo Fried Chicken, Sweet Grilled Pineapple, Cool Fresh Avocado, Pepper-Jack Cheese – Vegetarian & Vegan Available


Melt Potato Salad: homemade creamy redskin potato salad with crunchy veggies, cheddar and romano – V
Sweet & Smokey Chipotle Corn: roasted sweet corn tossed in a sweet and spicy chipotle glaze V, VG

Beer Special

Brooklyn Pennant Ale: Brewed EXCLUSIVELY for Melt Bar and Grilled in 2015!  We are the only location in the country to offer this awesome summer ale. Brooklyn Pennant Pale Ale is a classic English pale ale, brewed with the prized Maris Otter Malt and Fuggles, Willamette and Cascade hops. Maris Otter is an old malt variety that yields an incomparable biscuity flavor. Pennant is chestnut-colored, medium in body with a hearty malt palate and smooth hop finish, 5.1% abv

Drink Specials

Mandarin Mule: Absolut Mandarin vodka, fresh lime juice, fresh ginger juice & ginger beer.  An absolutely great classic cocktail with a new citrus twist!

Bread Pudding

Blueberry Lemonade: Homemade blueberry lemon bread pudding served warm over a sweet blueberry sauce then topped with vanilla ice cream, real whipped cream and lemonade sugar

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  1. 14 June 13, 1:26am

    […] with sweet potato fries and cole slaw on it, that’s what I had! It’s their monthly special and it was delicious. It wasn’t like the craziest combo […]