April Specials

Sandwich Specials: Doggy Style Month!

Celebrate National Grilled Cheese Month, the first full month of Spring and the start of the Baseball Season! Melt is featuring 4 different interpretations of classic hot dogs over 4 weeks!

  • Base Hit: jumbo all beef hot dog, sweet & spicy relish, diced onion, ballpark mustard, american cheese. Vegetarian and Vegan Versions! Offered April 1-6
  • 2 Bagger: jumbo polish boy, sweet barbeque sauce, creamy celery slaw, hand cut fries, cheddar cheese. Vegetarian Version! Offered April 7-13
  • Red Hot Triple: jumbo all beef hot dog, sliced tomato, italian giardiniera peppers, diced onion, dill pickle spears, yellow mustard, “atomic” relish, celery salt, poppy seeds, pepper-jack cheese. Vegetarian and Vegan Versions! Offered April 14-20
  • Home Run: jumbo all beef hot dog, nacho cheese spread, chili sauce, crispy fritos, house pickled jalapenos, shredded cheddar. Vegetarian Version! Offered April 21-30
  • Grand Slam aka The Corny Beast: coming out of the bull pen to close out April. Only available Monday, April 28th, Tuesday, April 29th & Wednesday, April 30th Vegetarian Version!

Beer Special

Bell’s Oberon: A very refreshing American wheat ale made with Belgium wheat malts, czech saaz hops to provide a spicy yet fruity note and Bell’s signature ale yeast. Oberon Ale signals the end of the winter doldrums and will prepare your taste buds for spring fever!

Drink Special

The Falcon Punch: OYO Stone Fruit Vodka, fresh orange juice, fresh lemons & simple syrup topped with a cabernet float. This cocktail has a fruity flavor with a nice dry cabernet finish.

Bread Pudding

Chocolate Coconut Bread Pudding: Rich toasted coconut bread pudding served hot and topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce and more toasted coconut.

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  1. 14 June 13, 1:26am

    [...] with sweet potato fries and cole slaw on it, that’s what I had! It’s their monthly special and it was delicious. It wasn’t like the craziest combo [...]