Melt Bar and Grilled


Celebrate Melt on the Travel Channel

The Travel Channel Show Food Paradise will featuring Melt Bar and Grilled as part of their “Cheese Paradise” episode airing on Wednesday, March 6th @ 10 PM.  Episode summary: “Triple-decker grilled cheese sandwich in Cleveland; lobster-stuffed mac and cheese in New York; a fiery cheese spectacular in Chicago.”

In honor of Melt Bar and Grilled and the almighty Melt Challenge being featured on Food Paradise we will be offering a special one day celebration of all things cheese!  All day Wednesday, March 6th the Melt Challenge will be discounted $5 off.  If you have ever wanted to attempt to tackle the Melt Challenge – your day of glory has arrived!

Join us at Melt for an all day celebration and the viewing party at all location on Wednesday, March 6th @ 10pm.  All televisions will be tuned in with sound for the viewing party.  See you then!!