Celebrate Melt on the Travel Channel

The Travel Channel Show Food Paradise will featuring Melt Bar and Grilled as part of their “Cheese Paradise” episode airing on Wednesday, March 6th @ 10 PM.  Episode summary: “Triple-decker grilled cheese sandwich in Cleveland; lobster-stuffed mac and cheese in New York; a fiery cheese spectacular in Chicago.”

In honor of Melt Bar and Grilled and the almighty Melt Challenge being featured on Food Paradise we will be offering a special one day celebration of all things cheese!  All day Wednesday, March 6th the Melt Challenge will be discounted $5 off.  If you have ever wanted to attempt to tackle the Melt Challenge – your day of glory has arrived!

Join us at Melt for an all day celebration and the viewing party at all location on Wednesday, March 6th @ 10pm.  All televisions will be tuned in with sound for the viewing party.  See you then!!