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Great Moments in Melt History – “The Birth of the Godfather.”

Birth of the Godfather
Melt Bar & Grilled owner and founder Matt Fish has always been a huge fan of Italian food. Even as a wee bambino, Matt would take his mother’s cold leftover spaghetti and make spaghetti sandwiches. Since the earliest days of Melt, he wanted to make some sort of pasta-based sandwich to show his love for Italian food.

In January of 2009, Matt found out that the Capitol Theater would be showing the film classic, “The Godfather.” This was the perfect opportunity to make his dream of a pasta-themed sandwich a reality.

Matt spent two full days in the basement prep room of the original Lakewood Melt location trying to construct the perfect Italian sandwich. He decided to base his creation on lasagna, which is a very wet dish, so the recipe would need to be meticulously adjusted to work as part of a sandwich. Countless hours were spent experimenting with the best way to cook the sauce, what cheeses to use and how to layer it. After much tinkering, Matt emerged from the sandwich laboratory with a tomato paste-based sauce to make the sandwich dryer, fresh fennel and oregano pasta sheets from Ohio City Pasta, creamy ricotta, romano and provolone cheeses, all topped off with artisan toasted garlic bread.

“The Godfather” debuted as a weekend special in March 2009 to coincide with the movie showing at the Capitol Theater. The sandwich proved to be so popular that it was added as a regular menu item and still makes Melt customers an offer they can’t refuse.

Godfather 2010 Poster