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Great Moments in Melt History – “And Then There Were Two”

Great Moments in Melt History - “And Then There Were Two”
In November, Melt Bar and Grilled will open its eleventh location, but in the not-too-distant past, there was just the original Lakewood location.

“We knew we would need more room immediately,” says Melt owner and founder Matt Fish. “We were very busy from Day 1 but wanted to wait to ensure business continued expanding. We built a patio in 2007 and then expanded to the second storefront in 2009. Then we had nowhere else to go. The logical next step was to open a second location.”

Then came the “a-ha!” moment.

“After we opened the Lakewood expansion we thought that would be the cure but the location just got busier! That was when I made a conscious decision to start looking for a second location. The east side of Cleveland is a big foodie area and I knew we were pulling a good amount of guests from the east side so I figured instead of them coming to us, why not take Melt to them!”

Why Cleveland Heights?

“Cleveland Heights was always my first choice for the second Melt location. The city and neighborhoods are very similar to Lakewood – eclectic, diverse and artistic. The perfect location for the second Melt location!”

The location chosen at the corner of Cedar and South Taylor Roads was an east side institution, housing the well-known Peabody’s Café and its 30-foot hole in the floor and stage in the basement.

“The building was in very bad shape,” says Fish, “We tried to salvage and re-use as much as possible. I wanted to preserve and showcase the century-old building and its wonderful character. We took over three different storefronts and joined them to make one large space and each was on a different elevation. It made design and construction difficult and we needed to get creative to make it all work.”

Melt Independence Construction

Did the Cleveland Heights location take business away from the Lakewood location?

“Actually no,” according to Fish. “Three years after opening we noticed many local west side friends and neighborhood locals stopped coming in frequently. We started to realize the long waits were keeping them away. After opening the Cleveland Heights location, Lakewood actually got busier! All of our original regulars started to come back!”

The Cleveland Heights location was the second but not the last! Later this month, Avon will have a brand new Melt Bar and Grilled, as will Canton in November. But one thing remains the same: no matter which Melt location you dine at, you’ll get awesome gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches and the biggest variety of quality craft beer in a cool and comfortable environment.

Melt Independence Opening Day