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Great Moments in Melt History – “The Holiday Blow Molds”

Great Moments in Melt History - “The Holiday Blow Molds”

Sometimes the best ideas happen by accident.

Such is the case with the festive, cute and kitschy holiday blow molds that adorn every Melt Bar and Grilled location.

“The first Melt location was completely renovated by myself and three friends,” says Melt owner and founder Matt Fish. “During the 7-month project I found myself going to home improvement and craft stores a lot. Near the end of the project the Halloween decorations started to hit the shelves. One day I passed a Dracula blow mold and decided to buy it. I brought it back to the still-unopened restaurant and put him on top of the bar, strictly for my own amusement. As we got closer to opening, it was late September, so I decided to leave him up there for Halloween. Once Halloween passed he just stayed.”

That makes the Dracula blow mold Melt’s second longest tenured employee, right behind Fish!

Dracula Blow Mold

Dracula bio:

Name: Count Dracula.

Nicknames: Dracul, Count De Ville and Nosferatu

Age: 436, give or take a couple of years. Give me a break – I’m old!

Occupation: Royalty, undead dude, vampire, blood sucker. I should be a politician!

Relationship Status: Currently single because my partners keep…disappearing. But I do have a huge crush on the bunny blow mold next to me! Maybe I’ll ask her out on a date. Take her out for a quick bite, if you know what I mean!

But you can’t have a collection with just one, so what about the rest?

“Driving home from Melt late one night I passed a large snowman blow mold someone had thrown away,” says Fish. “I pulled over and garbage-picked him, took him back to Melt, cleaned him up, then plugged him in and he worked!”

The snowman joined Dracula on top of the bar and the rest is history. Today, blow molds are part of what makes Melt, Melt!

Blow Molds

As Melt Bar and Grilled has expanded, so have the blow molds.

“As we started to expand more I needed to purchase more. I have become known as the guy in Cleveland who collects these things!” laughed Fish. “People will contact us and ask if we want the ones they have in their garage or attic. Recently, I started working with a local collector and dealer of holiday blow molds to source all the molds we need. I thought my collection was big but she makes it look small!”

“Guests love them and are intrigued as to why they are on display,” says Fish. “Guests frequently ask to buy them and we have even had to stop guests from walking out the front door with them! They’re such a part of Melt that I even include a full explanation of the blow molds for all new locations so the staff knows the entire back story.”

And which Melt location has the best collection? According to Fish, “All locations have a great collection. However, I think the Easton location in Columbus has the most and best selection. We create a specific space for the molds above the bar in our location designs and Easton has a tall ceiling and a long bar which allowed us to create a nice area for the molds. They’re also placed above the front doors and host stand.”

So which mold is Matt’s favorite?

“The Halloween molds are my favorite. I have always loved Halloween and jack-o-lanterns so those designs are my favorite.”