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Great Moments in Melt History – “Man, What a Year it Was”

Great Moments in Melt History

This month, we’re not talking about a great moment in Melt history; we’re talking about an entire year’s worth of great moments.

“We’re here to summarize 2017 and man, what a year it was,” says Melt Bar and Grilled owner and founder Matt Fish. “We opened Cedar Point, a full service operation inside the park at Cedar Point; that was a big deal for me. Then we turned our attention to Dayton, Ohio. That’s a great store so if you’re in the Dayton area, go check that out. Then we came back home to Cleveland, on the west side in Avon. And last but certainly not least, we just opened up down in Canton. Man, crazy year. 365 days of a lot of work!”

“So we’ve got this new location at Cedar Point – the greatest amusement park not only in the country but in the world.  Let me tell you the quick story of how it all happened. It was 2016 and we were tweeting back-and-forth with the marketing manager at Cedar Point who was a fan of Melt Bar and Grilled. He was casually asking us, ‘hey, when are you guys going to open up at Cedar Point, wink wink?’ I tweeted him back and said if you’re serious, we’re serious. Here’s our email and literally the next morning I got an email from the director of operations at Cedar Point. Believe it or not, we struck a deal two weeks later.”

“In 2017 another really big event that happened was launching a brand-new website. It is awesome. Totally state of the art. Tons of video, tons of moving parts. It took us, honest to goodness, almost two years to put the whole thing together. We didn’t want to just rush into it and throw up a new website just to have it. You can stay in touch with everything we’re doing as a company and you can dive into the menu which is I think the only restaurant in the country with a video for every single menu item. You can’t virtually smell things yet but we’re trying to figure that out!”

“Another really neat highlight from 2017; there is a magazine called Inc., a very well-known business publication. They list the top 5000 fastest growing businesses in the nation. And Melt Bar and Grilled was named to this list! It means all the hard work over the last 12 years makes sense. It’s kind of cool to have plaques like that hanging in the home office!”

“In 2017 we had a couple of fun, cool and interesting media pieces. The first one was Pickler and Ben. They called me out of the blue and said, ‘we hear that you are the authority on grilled cheese and we want to do a segment on grilled cheese sandwiches and we want you to come to Nashville.’ So I was like, alright! We made the Cleveland Cheesesteak. We represented Cleveland, Ohio!”

“The entertainment blog, INSIDER approached us to feature the Melt Challenge on one of their segments. They wanted us to film a minute and a half, two minute segment of the Melt Challenge. Show how it’s made, show someone eating it, have some people interviewed… So we quickly threw together a two minute video. They put it out on all their social media platforms and it took off. Exploded. Literally within the first week they had 6 million views!”

“I promise you we are going to come back strong in 2018. Bigger. Badder. Bolder!”