Melt Bar and Grilled


Great Moments in Melt History – “Major League Melt.”

Great Moments in Melt History – “Major League Melt.”

The Neighborhoods area of the Right Field District at Progressive Field contains a tasty sample of Cleveland’s vibrant food and beverage scene, including Melt Bar and Grilled.

“The discussion started in the middle of the 2014 season,” says Matt Fish, owner and founder of Melt. “We were approached by the Cleveland Indians for the new Right Field District project. I was told they approached Melt Bar and Grilled first for the project because Melt really summed up the feeling and food quality they were planning to bring to the ballpark. Without hesitation, I asked where to sign!”

“I was, am, and always will be a huge Indians fan,” says Fish. “I played baseball as a kid into high school and was pretty good but I never had dreams of being in the major leagues; my dreams laid elsewhere. My favorite player of all time is Julio Franco. I loved watching him play as a kid and his dedication and stamina was incredible. I think he would still be playing if he could. My favorite on the 2018 team is Frankie Lindor. He is electric and so much fun to watch!”

In 2016, the “Parmageddon” sandwich won USA Today’s “Best Ballpark Food” contest. This grilled-cheese wild thing is stuffed with a potato and onion pierogi, onions and sauerkraut and will make your heart sing. “It was quite an honor to be mentioned in USA Today but even bigger since it was a reader vote for the winner,” according to Fish. “Kudos to Momocho who won the honor this year.”  

There are plenty of challenges operating a satellite Melt location in a Major League Baseball stadium.

According to Fish, “The physical footprint we have is much smaller so we needed to gear the menu toward the smaller space. Plus, the typical ballpark guest is looking for tasty and very quick so 4 minutes is our max time allowed for a food item to be prepared and in the guests’ hands. Delivering food and items to Progressive Field creates another set of challenges because delivery times differ and home stands can sometimes be long and business is unpredictable. Often we will get calls during the game for a special delivery of more product!”

“The 2018 season will be our fourth at Progressive Field,” says Fish, “and we work hard each year to get better and faster.  We are introducing a new sandwich to the stand this year – The Cheesy Bacon Mac! It’s a grilled cheese with our signature mac & cheese plus bacon.”

“Progressive Field was always on the Melt dream location list and now it is a reality!” says Fish. “Melt is comfort food. It makes sense for a ballpark.”

Like fictional Indians broadcaster Harry Doyle would say, Melt Ballpark is located “juuuuuust a bit outside” Section 113 in the Right Field District.