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Great Moments in Melt History – “A Baseball Player Walks Into a Bar…”

Great Moments in Melt History – “A Baseball Player Walks Into a Bar…”

Watching sports in a bar is a tradition as old as the television.

Melt Bar and Grilled owner and founder Matt Fish is a huge sports fan, especially baseball, so sports is an integral part of every Melt location and the Melt experience. “All Melt locations have lots of large screen televisions,” says Fish, “and we always play the hometown games. During Cleveland teams’ playoff games, we always play the sound over the house speakers so you can really get involved in the game!”

“Watching the 2016 World Series at Melt really stands out as one of my favorite memories,” says Fish. “Cheering on the Indians and being glued to the televisions with a packed house was awesome. I was fortunate to attend a few home games and the energy was incredible. The walk to the game was great and a huge hype-up with all the fans.  Sometimes the walk back was equally fun, but unfortunately, some nights it was a complete bummer.”

Melt has also hosted Cavs playoff watch parties. “The attendance was awesome,” says Fish. “I remember watching the Cavs Finals in 2016 at the original Melt in Lakewood from inside the kitchen while I was still working there daily.  This year, we actually had the Cavs official merchandise trailer at our Independence location in the parking lot for the finals!”

Melt Bar and Grilled has a long history of attracting celebrities, including professional athletes. “We have had a good amount of Cleveland pro athletes visit us over the years; some Browns, some Cavs, but my favorites visits are always current and former Indians players. Cory Kluber, Jason Kipnis and Josh Tomlin come to mind, and having Hall of Famer Jim Thome visit us a few years back was great!”  

You just never know who might be sitting next to you at Melt!