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Great Moments in Melt History – “Melt Avon Grand Opening, One Year Later”

Great Moments in Melt History – “A Baseball Player Walks Into a Bar…”

Happy first birthday, Melt Avon!

Last August, Melt Bar and Grilled opened its tenth full-service location in Avon near the corner of Route 83 and Detroit Road. To celebrate its first year, here’s a behind-the-scenes look at the Avon location.

“We wanted to plant the Melt flag on the far west side of Cleveland,” says Melt owner and founder, Matt Fish, ”so we could take the gospel of grilled cheese to the residents and businesses of Lorain County. When Melt first began in September 2006, the culinary scene in the area was much different. The original Lakewood location pulled from the far west side and even Lorain County but many new restaurants and retail areas have opened up, creating more option for diners. Avon was appealing for many reasons but most important was its location. The area is densely populated and the close proximity to Interstate 90 is fantastic.”

The Avon location is one of the largest Melt locations, with nearly 6,000 square feet of dining space and seating for approximately 270 guests, and is located in a former restaurant. “I first received information regarding the former tenant closing in early 2017 when the landlord confidentially approached us regarding the soon-to-be vacant building,” says Fish. “It is a large space so they knew only a few restaurant groups in Cleveland could use the space. Melt was #1 on their list and we did not want the opportunity to make its way to #2, so we jumped on the opportunity.”

Each Melt location has unique decor inspired by the city in which it is located and Melt Avon is no exception.

“The design started with photos from my family history,” says Fish. “My grandparents owned a 250-acre farm very close to the Melt location, so I gathered over 100 old family photos, framed them, and installed them at the new Avon location. I wanted to showcase all these old photos so our guests could get a sense of what the area was like before Avon grew to its current size.”

All of the other decor at the Avon location is dedicated to rock ‘n’ roll in Cleveland, with tons of posters and photos of bands playing in Cleveland taking up most the rest of the wall space, and murals by Jake Kelly.

“Jake actually created two different murals for the Avon location,” according to Fish. “The first is dedicated to Avon and its rich history. Designed like a postcard, it shows off a few of the highlights and areas of Avon’s past. The second mural goes with the Cleveland rock ‘n’ roll theme and is a visual mix-tape of bands from Cleveland’s past and present.”

The Melt location in Avon has a lot to offer, including an awesome horseshoe bar, seating for 270 guests, and an incredible four-season room with 8 garage doors that open onto a spacious outdoor patio. The Avon Melt Bar and Grilled is located at 35546 Detroit Road.