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Great Moments in Melt History – “Melt Loves the Silver Ball!”

Great Moments in Melt History – “A Baseball Player Walks Into a Bar…”

In case you haven’t noticed, Melt Bar and Grilled loves pinball!

The reason? Melt owner and founder Matt Fish grew up on pinball and arcade games.

“I lived at video arcades growing up in Parma,” says Fish. “I would hang out at the mall and spend all my money at the record store and video game arcade. Arcade games and pinball were some of my first loves as a kid. Galaga and Mars Attacks pinball are classic. I am really enjoying the new Iron Maiden pinball game right now too!”

Every year, Melt sponsors the Cleveland Pinball and Arcade Show. “We started as a sponsor in 2015,”’says Fish, “And we have been proud sponsors ever since. We were originally approached by Don Johnson from Kidforce Collectibles in Berea who is the organizer and mastermind behind the show. Don helped create the new pinball and arcade game room at the Independence location. The KISS, Iron Maiden and Galaga machines are there because I love those games and the rest are just really great!”

The Cleveland Pinball & Arcade Show happens September 6th through the 9th at the Holiday Inn Rockside Road, sponsored by Melt. “I love pinball and old arcade games so our sponsorship is a no-brainer,” according to Fish, “And having the show directly across the street from our Independence location is one of my favorite parts! People go back and forth between the show and Melt all weekend long. I can attend the show and play some killer pinball then head to Melt for a beer!”

A recent addition to the Melt Bar and Grilled Independence location is the pinball and arcade room. “The idea goes back to before Melt even existed!” explains Fish. “I wanted to create a cool pinball and arcade room at the first Melt location but did not have the room. The expansion of the Independence location was the perfect place to finally make my pinball and arcade dreams come true! My favorite feature is the half wall to split the room in half. Now the back half is completely dedicated to the games and the front half is a nice separate semi-private dining and party room.”

Cleveland Pinball and Arcade Show 2018