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Great Moments in Melt History – “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon – The Sandwich, The Myth, The Legend”

Great Moments in Melt History – “Welcome to Canton”

If there was a Mt. Rushmore for sandwiches, the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon would be on it.

This legend of plentiful pork portions was created and first offered in November 2011 as part of the “Late Shift Film Series” for the Kevin Bacon movie, “Tremors.”

“The response to the sandwich, which was originally just a weekend feature, was tremendous,” says Matt Fish, owner and founder of Melt. “We only had 3 locations at the time and we sold out at all 3 locations. So, we brought it back in 2012 in the first “Best of Melt Month” of featured sandwiches, where we only sold it for one week. Then we started to offer it every February for one week and every Christmas in July for the weekend. Each time, the notoriety grew. Soon, we realized we needed to dedicate an entire month to the sandwich. People love bacon and this sandwich is the ultimate bacon lovers dream. Plus the name is really cool!”

The idea for the sandwich is based on the name of the game, “The Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon,” and the goal was to create a sandwich with 6 different types of bacon components.

According to Fish, “It was certainly fun to search for the 6 different types of pork products and over the years the components have changed only slightly. The original version had pancetta, which was replaced a few years ago by pork belly, but the most recent version is back to offering the pancetta.”

Is it true that Kevin Bacon is aware of his namesake sandwich?

“True!” says Fish. “Kevin Bacon is very aware of the sandwich. We have actually contacted him many times in hopes to have him come to Cleveland and try the sandwich. He feels it is a fun representation of himself and the movie “Tremors” and appreciates a sandwich is named in his honor!”

6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon Posters

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