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Great Moments in Melt History – “New Year, Old Favorites (and Some New Favorites Too)”

Great Moments in Melt History

New year, old favorites. This is “Best of Melt” season!

“You can honestly say every season is ‘Best of Melt’ season,” says Matt Fish, owner and founder of Melt. “This time around, the 3 featured sandwiches are great cold weather comfort food sandwiches. Each was a monthly feature in January, February or March, so it makes sense to offer these great sandwiches, because our guests have come to expect them during these cold months.”

All month long, Melt fans can enjoy Winter Chicken, General Tso’s Delicious Manchu Dynasty Melt and Potato Bacon Bomb grilled cheese goodness.

“Winter Chicken is actually an original menu item from 2006,” says Fish. “It recently returned as a “Best of…” sandwich and we improved it with tortilla crusted pepper-jack wedges, which really takes it to the next level. General Tso was introduced in 2016 because we did some research and discovered that General Tso’s Chicken is the second most popular take-out food in America, right after pizza, so we decided to create a sandwich homage to General Tso. The Potato Bacon Bomb was first introduced in 2014 as a cold weather comfort food sandwich and was named after a Patton Oswald comedy sketch.”

The New Year also brings some new favorites, including the introduction of a Maniacal Macaroni & Cheese special. “While we were working on the new Maniacal Macaroni & Cheese menu earlier this year,” explains Fish, “we developed quite a few creations, most of which made the menu, but a few that didn’t. They were still awesome, so we decided to begin offering a special Maniacal Mac & Cheese feature starting this month with the Chicken Bacon Ranch.”

“The reaction to the new Maniacal Macaroni & Cheese menu has been incredibly positive,” says Fish. “The Grilled Cheese is still king, but the Mac & Cheese is a nice alternative to a sandwich and a great item to order with a salad.”

Have an old favorite, or looking for a new one? Then stop in to Melt Bar and Grilled this month and experience Melt all over again!

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