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Great Moments in Melt History – “Spring Brings Wings to Melt Bar and Grilled.”

Melt Jumbo Chicken Wings

Great Moments in Melt History

“Chicken wings are like ranch dressing,” says Matt Fish, owner and founder of Melt Bar and Grilled. “They are an American staple.”

And for the first time in 13 years, chicken wings will be available at Melt as a seasonal selection on the “Starters & Snacks” menu.

“People love wings and expect them on a menu,” says Fish. “People not familiar with Melt are often shocked to not find chicken wings on our menu, but as times change, we feel we can offer more familiar items, just done bigger and better.”

What makes Melt’s new Jumbo Chicken Wings such a game changer?  

“Everyone has wings,” explains Fish, “so for us to finally offer them after 13 years, we had to ensure they were special. We will be using only fresh, jumbo chicken wings. Then we brine the wings for 12 hours to add flavor and ensure super juicy meat after cooking. Then they are double fried for flavor, texture and a nice crispy crunch. But what really makes our wings a game changer are the 11 different signature sauces. Our sauces are made fresh in-house daily and the wings will be tossed in each sauce per order. I am really excited for guests to try them and let us know which their favorite is.”

Melt Jumbo Chicken Wings

Chicken wings have been a highly requested item for quite a while, so why now?

“We have been offering our famous Tofu Wings since day 1, and they’re awesome, but they’re just not for everyone. As we spread the Melt gospel into different regions of Ohio and possibly the country, we need to offer more familiar menu items. But we will not offer a mediocre product or something similar to any other restaurant. We still need to remain unique, fun and most importantly, delicious!  After a few months of recipe testing, we knew we had a potential hit with our new wings.”

Jumbo Chicken Wings are available with 11 signature sauces, including buffalo, BBQ, sweet mustard, sweet chipotle, spicy thai chili lime, sesame peanut, kung pow, korean BBQ, garlic herb romano, diablo dry rub, and Melt awesome sauce, which is sweet, spicy and smoky with a hint of garlic. “I really like them all,” says Fish, “but I typically gravitate toward our buffalo sauce or sweet chipotle sauce, which have nice heat levels and a ton of flavor. And of course, the Melt awesome sauce…because, well, the name is pretty accurate – it’s awesome!”

Wherever chicken wings are found, so too are sports, so Melt fans and sports fans can look forward to more sports-related events this year. “We are looking forward to baseball and football seasons,” says Fish, “and we are already working on plans to hold Browns viewing parties at some Melt locations with wings and beer specials, with our own fun and unique Melt spin on them. More info to come as we get into baseball and football season, so keep watching our social media channels for details!”

Can we expect to see chicken wings as part of the permanent Melt menu? “That is yet to be decided,” says Fish, “but all signs point to yes! We will offer them as a featured item until we make the decision to potentially add them to the permanent menu.”

As we re-open for dine-in and patio service, all Melt locations have implemented new safety & sanitation policies - Click here for information