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Great Moments in Melt History – “The Sanchez, Meet the Springtime War Pig”

Great Moments in Melt History

One of the three featured sandwiches this month is the Springtime War Pig, a new (sort of) addition to the Melt sandwich family, and one part of the War Pig trilogy.

“The War Pig sandwich at Melt was first introduced in 2013,” says Matt Fish, owner and founder of Melt Bar and Grilled. “We wanted to develop a sandwich that had three different pork components. The Cuban War Pig was the first installment and is still on the menu today. Then came the Korean War Pig. They are both kings on the menu.”

“The Springtime War Pig is a new addition to the War Pig line-up,” according to Fish, “And it’s actually a play on a former sandwich called ‘The Sanchez’ which we offered in the month of May for several years. Rising from the ashes of ‘The Sanchez,’ the Springtime War Pig is pulled pork simmered in al Pastor sauce, with refried beans and queso sauce, and a new addition: chicharrones. ‘The Sanchez’ was originally a Mexican Dinner on a sandwich. The Springtime War Pig is a bit more refined.”

“The new Springtime War Pig has some awesome, familiar flavors,” says Fish, “And I know lots of fans of ‘The Sanchez’ will recognize it as an old friend, but with a new twist. It will probably never outsell the Cuban or Korean War Pigs, but it definitely adds a different flavor to our already flavor-packed menu.”

With patio season upon us, the Springtime War Pig is a perfect sandwich to eat outside.

“Definitely,” says Fish. “The Mexican flavors of the Springtime War Pig absolutely lend themselves to outdoor dining. They’re good any time of year, but especially during patio season.”

If you’re looking for a reason to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, or Catorce de Mayo, or even Veintisiete de Mayo, Melt Bar and Grilled “offers some great Mexican beers and makes a killer margarita,” says Fish. “Add the Springtime War Pig into the mix and can you have yourself a pretty terrific Whatever de Mayo you want to celebrate!”

As we re-open for dine-in and patio service, all Melt locations have implemented new safety & sanitation policies - Click here for information