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Great Moments in Melt History – “It’s The Season of the BLT at MeLT!”

Great Moments in Melt History

The BLT sandwich is, without a doubt, a comfort food staple. But in true Melt Bar and Grilled style, our BLT is not just another BLT.

“We wanted to put a cool and interesting spin on this classic sandwich,” says Matt Fish, owner and founder of Melt Bar and Grilled, “and so we created the Fried Green Tomato BLT for the 2014 Summer Menu. We felt it would be a great addition to the summer menu but didn’t plan to keep it around much after that but it became incredibly popular so we decided to keep it on the menu permanently.”

Well, at least until 2018. We bet you didn’t know there was a mass tomato shortage in 2018, did you?

“It was awful,” according to Fish, “Green tomatoes weren’t available for six months. Six months! We also had to temporarily suspend making the Attack of the Green Tomato starter, and had to remove both from the menu due to the shortage.”

BLT lovers rejoice – green tomatoes are available again and are plentiful!

The addition of the fried green tomatoes is the number one reason our BLT is different and better than the more basic BLT,” says Fish. “Also, the addition of our signature Southern Herb Remoulade as the mayonnaise component gives the sandwich an extra tangy kick!”

Oh yes, the Southern Herb Remoulade. Can we have the recipe, please?

“Ha! No.” says Fish. “But I’ll tell you this much. The sauce is based on mayonnaise and spicy mustard with a good amount of tangy spices and herbs added. It is a unique sauce that compliments the green tomatoes very well and adds a needed kick to this sandwich.”

And we just had to ask about the inspiration for the name of Attack of the Green Tomato, the 1978 movie, “Attack of the Killer Tomatoes.”

“Oh, yeah, I saw it as a kid, probably when I was 7 or 8 years old,” says Fish. “Even as a kid I thought it was quite silly, but I really dig old campy sci-fi films like that so it holds a special place in my heart.”

And if you have a special place on your plate for these awesome green tomato based items, head to Melt Bar and Grilled and attack a few green tomatoes yourself!