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Great Moments in Melt History – “Baby It’s Cold Weather Comfort Mac Outside.”

Great Moments in Melt History

For many Ohioans, winter is our fourth-favorite season. But, one great thing about cold weather is cold-weather comfort food.

That’s why the Cold Weather Comfort Mac is one of only a handful of seasonal Maniacal Mac & Cheese specials. “This mac & cheese feature was a delicious idea long in the making,” says Melt Bar and Grilled owner and founder Matt Fish. “Back in the spring we started to talk about the winter Maniacal Mac & Cheese feature and butternut squash came up as our flavor idea. We worked on this recipe for a few months to perfect its awesome flavors and the result is a great mac & cheese for the cold weather season.”

Cold Weather Comfort Mac

Baked butternut squash is a winter tradition in Ohio and the Cold Weather Comfort Mac is a tasty twist on it.

“Baked butternut squash with brown sugar and nuts was a holiday tradition with my family,” says Fish, “And once we started to work on the flavor scheme it was the obvious choice. The ingredients are simple and clean but the flavors are big and bold. The garlic butternut squash cream sauce is incredible and is simply roasted butternut squash and a few spices added with garlic cream sauce and pureed into a thick sauce. I especially dig the candied walnut streusel on top!”

Um, did you say candied walnut streusel topping?

“Yeah, candied walnut streusel topping,” says Fish. “I wanted to play off of the roasted butternut squash with a seasonal fruit pie topping – something fun and unique to tie it all together. It may seem a bit odd but it definitely ties the entire dish together.”

Cold weather? A lot of us can take it or leave it. Cold Weather Comfort Mac? Take some home today! (or dine in…up to you)!