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Great Moments in Melt History – “You Had Me at Bacon. And Potato. And Sandwich.”

Great Moments in Melt History

It’s been called the ultimate comfort food sandwich and it’s available all month long at Melt Bar and Grilled!

What makes the Potato Bacon Bomb such a great wintertime sandwich? “That’s easy,” says Melt Bar and Grilled owner and founder Matt Fish. “It is a very simple sandwich but the flavors are all very intense, complex and work very well together. And, you know, it has bacon! Plus, there is a vegetarian version so most of our guests can enjoy it.” 

Potato Bacon Bomb

The Potato Bacon Bomb was first introduced in January 2014 and the name is a play on a comedy sketch by comedian Patton Oswalt. “One of our former team members was a big Oswalt fan,” says Fish, “and we thought it would be a funny name for the sandwich. It stuck, and has been the name ever since. Every year we get comments from people on social media who mention Patton Oswalt or tag him in the post, which is really cool.”

 “The colder months are a perfect time for comfort food,” says Fish, “And when we introduced the Potato Bacon Bomb, we really wanted to capture the essence of a loaded baked potato and create a sandwich around that theme. After some experimenting, the Potato Bacon Bomb was born!”

January is the perfect time for stick-to-your-ribs comfort food and the Potato Bacon Bomb is the poster child. Literally. Not only is the sandwich’s annual arrival highly anticipated, so is the always-iconic John G. poster.

Potato Bacon Bomb John G Posters

“John had gone with an R&B or rap musical take for the posters since 2014,” according to Fish. “He took the theme of the bomb as dropping beats or dropping bombs on the audience. All the posters have been great but I think my favorite is the Wu-Tang Clan inspired poster.”

Here’s a Melt pro-tip: Since the sandwich features potato, a good side like salad or slaw is a nice contrast. 

It’s the time for resolutions, so make one to enjoy a hearty Potato Bacon Bomb before it’s gone!