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Great Moments in Melt History – “It Is Tso Good. General Tso’s Delicious Manchu Dynasty Melt.”

Great Moments in Melt History

China has given the world great inventions, like paper, tea, noodles, fireworks, and perhaps most importantly, General Tso! 

“I actually did some research on Tso Tsung t’ang,” says Melt Bar and Grilled owner and founder Matt Fish. “He was the real General Tso and was around during the Manchu Dynasty, so that is why that specific time period is in the name of the dish. General Tso’s chicken dish was actually created long after the actual General Tso lived, but who’s counting?” 

“The General Tso’s Delicious Manchu Dynasty Melt was introduced in March 2016,” says Fish, “after research showed that General Tso’s Chicken is America’s second most ordered restaurant take-out item, right after pizza. We wanted to use the dish’s popularity to our advantage and decided to attempt to create our own version of General Tso’s Chicken – but on a grilled cheese!” 

The most important part of General Tso’s is the sauce. 

“I feel we got pretty creative with the sandwich,” according to Fish. “The sauce and chicken are pretty standard for General Tso but we added the broccoli egg fu yung and rangoon style cream cheese as fun elements to add more flavor and fun. We made it General Tso-ier!”

General Tso's Delicious Manchu Dynasty Melt

All five of John G’s annual posters for General Tso’s Delicious Manchu Dynasty Melt.

The Lunar New Year was January 25th and this is the Year of the Rat. “The General Tso’s Delicious Manchu Dynasty Melt is the perfect way to celebrate,” says Fish, “It’s normally featured in March, but we are offering it in January, February and March! We like to celebrate the Lunar New Year for 3 months!”

If you’ve ever had General Tso’s Chicken special from your neighborhood Chinese restaurant, you owe it to yourself to try the General Tso’s Delicious Manchu Dynasty Melt at Melt Bar and Grilled.

Says Fish, “I think the general he would be proud of his legacy as a popular food item in America.”

Tso do we.