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Congrats to the winner of our Meltidential “Cheese of Staff” contest!

Congratulations to Mike Hore, winner of our 2020 Meltidential ‘Cheese of Staff’ contest! As Cheese of Staff, Mike has won a $100 Melt gift card and copies of the original John G posters for all 8 of this year’s candidates!

Mike Hore
Check out Mike’s entry below:

“It was a cold, dark day in Toronto when I was born to the sounds of Neil Diamond blasting away in the hospital room. You see, cheese has always been part of my life from day one. It was shortly after I was introduced to cheese as a food when I was served a nice, sharp Canadian cheddar cheese. It wasn’t long before I expanded my horizons to include Velveeta, perogies, and terrible jokes. I’d tell you one, but I Camembert a good one at the moment.At the age of 12, I moved from Canada to Arkansas, USA.  Life was hard in the south – both as a vegetarian of 2 years, and as an avid fan of punk rock. Perogies were an unknown there, and so I turned to a grilled cheese habit to satisfy my cheesy addiction. Grilled cheese on Texas Toast, with tomatoes and jalapeños, grilled cheese with ranch dressing… you name it!  Eventually, I ended up in Philadelphia and got to enjoy the gloriousness that is a (vegan) cheese steak, Philly pretzels with cheese sauce, and the hard-to-replicate Philadelphia cheese hoagie. Oh, and Philadelphia sharp provolone. It’s different there! But I digress.In 2014, I moved to Cleveland as a vegetarian of more than 23 years, and Melt Bar and Grilled was the first restaurant I visited. The beer! The sandwiches! The music! The staff (hi Doug & Jess)! I could literally eat almost anything on the menu thanks to the myriad vegetarian options. I heard Matt Fish is also vegetarian, so that probably explains why it’s so awesome at Melt. Since then, I’ve introduced the goodness of melt to friends all over the country, to friends in Canada, and even friends as far away as Germany (who regularly crave it). Cheese is life. My wife can’t say that because she failed the Melt Challenge (shhh!).  Even though I am Canadian (now a dual Canada/US citizen), I can attest that I am constitutionally allowed to be Cheese of Staff. If elected as Melt’s Cheese of Staff, I promise to continue commenting endlessly on your Instagram posts, bringing our friends and family in from across the world, and wearing my finest punk t-shirts to the bar (including my vintage 1997 Voodoo Glow Skulls shirt).  I will serve as the Ambassador of Cheese to our northern friends (many of whom call it “le fromage”). But I think most importantly, I promise to continue to order ridiculous things and spreading the gospel of these creations. Like, did you know if you put peanut butter on certain cheese sandwiches, it’s really good? Like try it on the Cuban war pig (w/ appropriate vegetarian proteins if necessary).  The gospel must be spread. Thank you for listening to my podcast.”

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