Melt Bar and Grilled


The “Craft Food” Philosophy

At Melt Bar and Grilled, we subscribe to the “Craft Food Philosophy.”

Exactly what is Craft Food? Just as craft beer is universally known for its flavor, quality, locally-grown ingredients and, well, craftsmanship, Melt Bar and Grilled strives to apply the same concept to our food. But how much care could possibly go into a grilled cheese sandwich? The answer might surprise you.

The Bread

A great sandwich starts with a great foundation: fresh artisan bread. In order for our gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches to be truly legendary, Melt partnered with an equally legendary bakery. The expert bakers at Pittsburgh’s family-owned Mediterra Bakehouse worked with our chefs to craft a specially-designed hybrid French/Italian loaf. This unique combination balances a plush foundation designed to complement a wide array of flavors with the strength to support our massive creations. Mediterra uses regionally-sourced, non-GMO ingredients in order to create the healthiest possible product while staying true to their roots.

The Signature Recipes

At Melt Bar and Grilled, our food philosophy has always originated with big, bold flavors. If it’s mentioned on our menu, you’ll taste it in a big way. Our goal is to create true comfort food… to bring home-cooked classics to life in an all-new way… as an experience, not just a meal. Creating these experiences requires an unrivaled attention to detail and the highest level of care. The signature recipes at Melt Bar and Grilled are created using only the highest quality meats, produce and cheeses. While many restaurants tend to follow the latest trends, Melt strives to set trends with these innovative, one-of-a-kind recipes.

From our kitchens, to our tables, it all comes together from real people who care. So come experience Craft Food in a truly unique and fun place for the whole family. We’ll be waiting to create something special just for you.