Melt Bar and Grilled


The Melt Bar and Grilled Tattoo Family

Grilled Cheese and Crossbones Temporary Tattoos

Get a Melt Tattoo and Get 25% off for LIFE!

How can you enter into a very elite group of slightly warped individuals? You must use one of our official Melt Bar and Grilled logos and get it tattooed somewhere on your body! We encourage you to take aspects of one of our logos, customize it and design a tattoo that is personal to you.

View official Melt logos!

Check out our tattoo galleries below to see all the great designs so far and get some ideas for your Melt tattoo. Feel free to contact us for suggestions or approvals before getting the tattoo work done (remember, this is permanent!) We can also suggest great shops to get your custom work done. After the tattoo is complete, bring yourself and your new tattoo in for a few photos. We will bestow upon you your official tattoo number and present you with your Melt Tattoo Family card which unlocks the benefits of being a member… 25% off any purchase at Melt Bar and Grilled for life!!

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